I think I’m having a love affair… with procrastination.

Since I do not procrastinate nearly enough, I have decided to start another blog…

Top Ten Things to do while Procrastinating:

  1. Stare out the window.
  2. Contemplate the meaning of life.
  3. Make lists of things you should be doing.
  4. Burn the list.  Pretend like it never happened.
  5. Eat junk food.  (Trust me on this.  People who eat celery and apples just aren’t good at procrastinating.)
  6. Organize your sock drawer by both color and style.  (The truly ambitious will also organize shoes, panties, and jewelry.)
  7. Listen to music.  Pretend it helps you concentrate.
  8. Text or phone a long-lost friend, preferably someone you don’t even like.
  9. Surf the internet for recipes, preferably for meals that take all day.  (Bonus points for anything that Julia Child would find challenging.)
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5 Responses to I think I’m having a love affair… with procrastination.

  1. #3 -Make a list … is classic !

  2. Procrastination and I are going through what I expect to be a lengthy divorce! There will be reconciliations and more tears before it is all over. And just wait till you start procrastinating at blogging. You are going to take it to a whole new level.

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