For One Who is Different

Before you, there were other poems.

I had tried for simplicity

only trust was not so simple.

I have always known it to be somewhere

between a game and an obligation,

a question that emerges on a whim

verges on a wish, and shatters like an

ornament when pressed inside of storage.

I had tried for other abstractions,

ambition, sympathy, kindness,

but all were fleeting,  You see, I was always

distracted by dormant potential.

Fires were always starting while I was sleeping

burning through fibers of books, flannel sheets,

sweaters, unfinished poems, beings.

And the water I drink

washed away what did not matter.

Before you, I had other tastes, the turquoise

of sunset against my mouth, minor chords

inside my ear.  And I loved the music,

but it was not simple and it was not you.


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2 Responses to For One Who is Different

  1. I really enjoyed this poem. The simplicity brings out the deepest thoughts, and that is what makes a poem great. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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