The Doors of Ireland

As a parent of several munchkins, vacations are a little irregular, and usually revolve around family trips.  Several years ago, I was very lucky, and was able to go to Ireland.  One of the stories the tour guide told us was about the doors of Ireland.  After the death of her husband, Queen Victoria declared that all doors should be painted black as a sign of mourning.  The Irish people then rebelled, and painted their doors as brightly as possible.

However, the perverted version of this story is a little more fun.  The men of Dublin would go out drinking and come home disoriented. Because many of the Georgian houses of Dublin looked exactly the same, men would stumble into the wrong house, and sleep with the wrong women!  So, the wives started painting their doors bright colors to help their husbands find their way into the right home!!!

Anyway… I always stop to admire houses with red doors, but I think my perfect house would be a stone house with a dusky blue door.  I’m pretty old school on some things.  How about you?  What color is your door?

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10 Responses to The Doors of Ireland

  1. Our door, is almost a plum color, though not by choice. We inherited the house with the door of plum.

    Here is a link that contains a photo of said door (with child of door owner & reflection of said door owner’s arm in the door).

  2. Lynne Ayers says:

    My door is white, plain ol’ white. But I have always wanted a red door. I was just not willing to pay for it.

  3. My front door is plum colored. There is just something fun about having a purple front door.

    • That does sound fun! If not for my husband, who would be mortified, our house would look really good with a purple or rose colored door… (Honey, pretend you never saw this…)

  4. haphillips says:

    True story: our house had a red door, which we painted that color right after we moved in, and after weeks of living there we attended a party. Later that evening neighbors finally broke down and asked if the door meant we were swingers…..uhmmmm, no.

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