Love Floats and All of That…

The Painted Veil, 2006

Okay, I’m a bit late for Sunday confessions, but late’s always been my style.  So here goes nothing…

This isn’t my first blog.  Ssshhhh…

I actually already knew that it’s hard to get comments in the beginning, but especially on poetry.  I decided to go for it anyway, since it has provided the impetus for me to actually organize my old writings.  Plus, to be honest, I kinda liked the challenge.  However, this blog is so quiet sometimes that it’s positively eerie.  In the spirit of shaking things up a bit and perhaps the possibility of getting to know my readers, I’m going to ask for a little advice.  Yep, it’s gonna be interactive day here on love and lunchmeat!

I am not quite sure if I should refer to my husband by name or not…  From here on, I’m going to refer to my husband as Mr. Lunchmeat.  (It kind of amuses me anyway…)  Once upon a time, in a far-off place, Mr. Lunchmeat and I were married.  First, there was a lovely church wedding.  That was followed by assorted culinary goodness and copious amounts of booty-shaking.  After that we headed off into the great blue yonder together.  And apparently so much happened so quickly, that ten years passed!

Now, don’t ask me why ten years is so much more important than nine years (or eleven for that matter) because I have no idea.  In reality, fourteen years should count for way more than ten…  However, I do know is that it’s an excellent excuse for us to take a couple’s only vacation!  So, in the spirit of my ten year anniversary, and with it being “interactive day” and all of that…  Where would you, dear quiet anonymous readers of my blog, recommend?

We have been looking at various cruises.  Most seem to be in Europe, with stops in and around the Mediterranean.  Due to school, we are looking at either a summer cruise or a January cruise.  Other than Aruba and Ireland, I’ve never been anywhere.  So, all advice is appreciated…  Also, it’s worth noting that we only speak English, and really we’ve barely even mastered that…

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2 Responses to Love Floats and All of That…

  1. Liverwurst says:

    I say, “Go for it.”

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