It Almost Makes Me Want to be a Civil War Bride…

The Peacemakers.

You can just tell these guys wrote long and romantic letters, probably about rainbows.   (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Those who know me in real life already know this about me, but here goes nothing…

I like having real conversations.

I hate texting and I hate Twitter.  I usually turn the volume off on my phone because I hate texting with such fierce passion.  I tell people I’m not pithy enough for Twitter, but the truth is I don’t care what the wittiest thing is that you can say in 140 characters or less.  I’m pretty sure if I used Twitter, I’d start telling people every time I had to go to the bathroom just to be a twit.  (My friends are currently all thanking God that I don’t tweet right now…)

If we’re going to talk, I want to have a real conversation with you.  I want to know how you’re actually feeling, what made you laugh, what made you cry, what made you think.  You can’t tell me that in 140 characters or in a garbled and abbreviated text message.  I want to hear the full story, maybe even hear your voice telling me that story.  Texting makes me long for the good old-fashioned days when people sent e-mails.

Lately I’ve been exchanging e-mails with a friend of a friend.  They are long e-mails full of paragraphs (if you’re a blogger you already know about paragraphs), and they make me want to get to know her better.  In fact, I’m pretty sure we might be able to scratch past the surface if we keep exchanging them.  It makes me wonder what it must have been like to have lived one hundred years ago and exchanged letters, where you could see and even touch someone else’s thoughts.  It almost makes me want to be a Civil War bride (just without the husband-going-off-to-get-shot-in-the-war part).

In truth, I’m pretty sure that’s what I love about blogging too.  We slowly, but surely exchange our stories until we feel like we know each other.  Yes, it’s a fast-paced, microwaved world.  Yet when we put our stories out there, we put a little bit of ourselves out there as well.  Let’s use those words to tell the full story, to share our voices, and not to abbreviate our stories until there’s nothing left.

Okay if you’re currently having a love affair with Twitter, you can still comment.  I won’t tell anyone.  Just remember that you’re only getting one tenth of the story over there…

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8 Responses to It Almost Makes Me Want to be a Civil War Bride…

  1. haphillips says:

    You’re so old school! Writing and the such…..

  2. lexiesnana says:

    Oh my word I hate the twitter and texting too,I eveb tell people when they come to my house if they are texters to shut off the thing if they came to visit me.Mostly my family,I am not mean to stangers or the such.Loved this post.

  3. Ha! My texts always turn into long paragraphs, and I refuse to abbreviate words. But then, I still write with a pen and paper most days and my grandmother and I exchange long, handwritten letters. Seems like I was also born into the wrong era 😉

    • My texts turn into paragraphs too, although mostly I ignore them… That said, I almost never write with an actual pen anymore. I might write an outline in pen, but 90% of my writing happens at the computer. When I find old hand-written papers, I sit and think, “Wow, I wonder how much time I spent writing all of that by hand?” Of course, it doesn’t help that I’m verbose!

      That’s awesome that you and your grandmother still write letters! And thanks for your visit. Your blog has quickly become one of my favorites!

  4. Anu Sood says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post!!!!!! And I adore your blog…you are inspiring me to resurrect mine.

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