The List

Okay, here is the AFI top 100 list of films.  This is the 1998 version, but the version they released in 2007 was pretty similar… I’ve been trying to get through the list, but the movies I haven’t seen are in blue.

Screenshot of Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart

Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1. Citizen Kane-How was this movie rated the best movie of all time?*

2. Casablanca-I’ve seen this movie many times.  My hubby tolerates it.

3. The Godfather-We are in agreement that this movie is awesome.  Anyone who disagrees goes against the family, and you know you don’t want to do that…

4. Gone with the Wind-I love this movie, and my husband passionate despises this movie.  We agree to disagree (but clearly the American Film Institute agrees with me).

5. Lawrence of Arabia-This is an amazing movie.  Although I am curious as to how a blonde blue-eyed dude managed to live so many years in the Arabian desert without dying of sun poisoning?

6. The Wizard of Oz-Although this ranking seems a bit high, I’m not going to say anything bad about The Wizard of Oz.

7. The Graduate-Ugh.  If not for shock value, this movie would have disappeared from the cultural lexicon many years ago.

8. On the Waterfront-This movie really surprised us, in a good way!  And the young Marlon Brando (fanning myself)… What was I saying?

9. Schindler’s List-Great movie.  That said, I do agree with the friend who says no Holocaust movie should ever end happy.  (He has a point.)

10. Singin’ in the Rain-I look forward to someday torturing my husband with this movie watching this movie.

11. It’s a Wonderful Life-I finally convinced my husband to watch this movie a couple of Christmases ago.  I really enjoy this movie.  Plus, I find Jimmy Stewart’s voice oddly soothing.

12. Sunset Boulevard-I love film noir.

13. The Bridge on the River Kwai-I’m looking forward to this movie.  I’m not sure why I haven’t seen it already.

14. Some Like it Hot-????

15. Star Wars– We’re nerds, and we’ve seen Star Wars many times.  I’ve even tried to get my hair into those little buns, but my hairdressing talents are nonexistent don’t extend that far.

16. All About Eve-I love this movie.  My husband continues to resist…

17. The African Queen-Humprey Bogart?  Check.  Katharine Hepburn?  Check.  Nothing else needs to be said.  Even my husband liked it.

18. Psycho-If it’s Hitchcock, I’ve probably seen it, but this isn’t one of my favorites.  My husband has never seen it.

19. Chinatown-My husband and I both love this movie, and believe it should be higher on the list.

20. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest-Before Michael Douglas started acting in crummy movies acting, he produced this little gem on mental illness.  (Okay, I may just be bitter about him marrying Catherine who is my girl crush…)

21. The Grapes of Wrath-Reputedly I watched this movie my junior year of high school.  I also read the book.  Thankfully I seem to have blanked out on both of these experiences.

22. 2001: A Space Odyssey-It was a battle to get through this movie.  I fell asleep numerous times, but eventually managed to see the whole movie.  I am not a huge Kubrick fan, and am inconclusive on this movie.

23. The Maltese Falcon-This movie stars Humphrey Bogart.  The rest is just details.

24. Raging Bull-We all watched this one together, and we all loved it!

25. E.T.-I have always found E.T. completely overrated.  And as a side-note, aren’t extra-terrestrials supposed to be angry and intent on killing the entire human population?  Did Steven Spielberg miss that memo?

26. Dr. Strangelove-This movie was just okay.

27. Bonnie and Clyde-I normally love movies where people die.  However, this movie was stupid.  Even Bonnie’s awesome wardrobe couldn’t save this movie.

*Bad pun alert* Bonnie’s wardrobe really was to die for!

28. Apocalypse Now-This is a sick and twisted movie.  However, this is a sick and twisted movie done really well.  Also, it gets bonus points for having both a war and Marlon Brando.  By this movie, he’s old and paunchy, but he still has that voice.

29. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington-This movie completely surpassed our expectations!

30. The Treasure of the Sierra Madre-I fell asleep several times on this movie, but I eventually made it through.  If it hadn’t been for Humphrey Bogart, I probably wouldn’t have even tried.  It was an okay movie, but probably not deserving of such a high ranking.

31. Annie Hall-I like movies where people die, and no one dies in this movie.  Also, Woody Allen is neurotic, in case you didn’t already know…

32. The Godfather, Part II-This movie has the title of best sequel ever made for a reason.

33. High Noon-The guys were happy because it has Grace Kelley.  I was happy because it has Gary Cooper.  Oh, and people die.  Definitely an all-around crowd-pleaser.

34. To Kill a Mockingbird-Great book.  Okay movie.

35. It Happened One Night-I’m not a huge fan of romantic comedies, and even I loved this movie.

36. Midnight Cowboy-????

37. The Best Years of Our Lives-This movie wins the prestigious award for cheesiest title ever.  I haven’t actually seen it to give it any other award.

38. Double Indemnity-This movie is awesome.  There’s even an evil femme fatale!

39. Doctor Zhivago-There are great movies, and there are GREAT MOVIES.  Doctor Zhivago should be ranked higher in my opinion.

40. North by Northwest-I’ve seen this movie at least twenty times.  You can probably due the math on that one.

41. West Side Story-????

42. Rear Window-I love Hitchcock and I love Jimmy Stewart.  Plus, there’s voyeurism, which is fascinating all by itself…

43. King Kong-????  (I’m assuming the more recent version with Naomi Watts doesn’t count.)

44. The Birth of a Nation-Oh, where to even start?  This movie is so bad and so racist that AFI removed it from the list ten years later.  (They replaced it with a less racist movie by the same director.)  Also, I feel a little bit dirty admitting that I watched this movie…

45. A Streetcar Named Desire-My husband hated this movie, and felt there was no dramatic tension.  I liked it, but mostly because it has Marlon Brando pre-paunch.

46. A Clockwork Orange-This movie intrigued and disgusted me.  So, I suppose it served its purpose.

47. Taxi Driver-This movie stars Robert DeNiro.  Robert DeNiro always gets a free pass, even though child prostitution never fails to freak me out.

48. Jaws-Aren’t sharks supposed to be scary?  How come this movie always puts me to sleep?

49. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs-It’s a Disney movie.  There all roughly the same, but it’s not like I’m going to let my five-year-old watch “A Clockwork Orange”…

50. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid-I hated this movie.  I was actually rooting for them to get shot.  Sorry, Paul Newman, but even your good looks couldn’t save this movie.

51. The Philadelphia Story-I’m looking forward to watching this movie one of these days.

52. From Here to Eternity-Never mind the ridiculously unrealistic sex on the beach, this movie is awesome!

53. Amadeus-????

54. All Quiet on the Western Front-????

55. The Sound of Music-Most musicals are lost on me.  I might hum along, but I usually find them a little bit forgettable.**

56. MASH-This is probably the most overrated comedy of all time.  Simply horrible and definitely not funny.

57. The Third Man-This was another great film noir with a lot of dramatic tension.

58. Fantasia-This movie was lost on me.  (Also, I’ve never done drugs, which might be why it was lost on me.)

59. Rebel Without a Cause-I first saw this movie when I was in high school, and I really liked it.

60. Raiders of the Lost Ark-I am completely loyal to this movie, and would probably give it a much higher ranking if this were my list.

61. Vertigo-I love this movie, and I’ve seen it many times.  Each time, something new strikes me.

62. Tootsie-Hysterical and heartwarming.  I was surprised how much I like this movie.

63. Stagecoach-Another pleasant surprise, despite the fact that there’s “a hooker with a heart of gold” motif.

64. Close Encounters of the Third Kind-I fell asleep.  Unfortunately, I woke back up…

65. The Silence of the Lambs-This movie was so well-done, after I saw it I didn’t leave my house for a week, and decided to learn how to shoot a gun…

66. Network-It’s a move about a bitch who works for a TV network.  Been there, seen it before…

67. The Manchurian Candidate-This movie is really well-done, and although I’m not a huge fan of Frank Sinatra’s acting, he manages not to screw up this movie.

68. An American in Paris-????

69. Shane-????

70. The French Connection-I love Gene Hackman and I love cop dramas, but this movie did nothing for me.*

71. Forrest Gump-Life really is like a box of chocolates…  Yes, this movie is a little corny, but it’s just so heartwarming and lovely.

72. Ben-Hur-I was not expecting anything from this movie, and ended up being blown away by it!

73. Wuthering Heights-Gawd I hated that book.  I can only imagine how much I will hate the movie when I finally get around to watching it.  However, I do like British accents.  Hopefully I will be too distracted by the British accents to pull my own hair out.

74. The Gold Rush-????

75. Dances with Wolves-I’ve never managed to get through this whole movie.

76. City Lights-????

77. American Graffiti-For years my dad raved about this movie.  Then one day he was feeling nostalgic, and rented it.  We all watched it, and even my dad said, “Why did I ever like this movie?”

78. Rocky-????  I’ve never seen this movie although I do enjoy the theme music.

Cover of "The Deer Hunter"

Photo credit: Amazon

79. The Deer Hunter– This movie has everything, Robert DeNiro, death, mental illness, hunting, war, relationships, sex, friendship… but done in the best way possible.  You will never hear me say a bad word about this movie.

80. The Wild Bunch-????

81. Modern Times-????

82. Giant-Is there an actual giant in this movie?  If so, I might need to see it because giants are kinda cool.

83. Platoon-I loved this movie.  Also, this movie was before we knew that Charlie Sheen was a drug addict, a hooker aficionado, or crazy.  So, it makes me feel all nostalgic and stuff.

84. Fargo-This movie is sick and demented, but it’s also hysterical and fascinating.

85. Duck Soup-????

86. Mutiny on the Bounty-It didn’t make me want to sail the seven seas, but I was surprised at just how good this movie was.

87. Frankenstein-????

88. Easy Rider-Horrible.  I’m pretty sure Blockbuster owes me money for having watched this atrocity.  (For the kiddos, Blockbuster is how people watched movies before the days where you could stream them into your living room.)***

89. Patton-????

90. The Jazz Singer-????

91. My Fair Lady-I love Audrey Hepburn, but I hated this movie.**

92. A Place in the Sun-????

93. The Apartment-I’m actually pretty psyched to see this movie.

94. Goodfellas-I will never say a bad word about a Martin Scorsese movie.  I’m far too chicken.

95. Pulp Fiction-This was another sick and demented film that was done really well.  It almost made me want to have a belly pooch.  Almost.

96. The Searchers-????

97. Bringing Up Baby-I love Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn, but this movie was a complete waste of time.***

98. Unforgiven-This movie blew me away.

99. Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner-I was expecting this movie to be completely outdated.  It was a little bit outdated, but ended up being a pleasant surprise.

100.Yankee Doodle Dandee-????

* Never mind me and my opinion.  According to the American Film Institute, this movie is awesome.  You should, however, heed my warnings about Birth of a Nation, and avoid it at all costs.

** I might have to hand in my girl-card for saying I didn’t like this movie.

*** You really should ignore all of my opinions.  It’s not like I’m a professional or anything.  I’m just a girl who likes movies, especially movies where people die.

*End Credits*

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14 Responses to The List

  1. ChrisP says:

    No Lord of the Rings huh ?? There’s a few on there I was scratching my head at. Platoon wasn’t that good :-/ Saving Private Ryan was better

    • They were both in the 2007 version of the same list. (We started our silly quest way before that.) If you watch Platoon again you might change your mind, but it does seem like all the Vietnam movies are bleaker. The WWII movies tend to have a more patriotic feel to them.

      And welcome. 😀

  2. You’ve seen a lot more of these than I have. But I can wholeheartedly recommend Some Like It Hot, Bridge Over the River Kwai, The Searchers, and Patton. And Wuthering Heights but only for Laurence Olivier. Although Merle Oberon is pretty hot too.

    Also, I can’t watch Dances With Wolves either. To me, watching/listening to Kevin Costner is like nails on a chalkboard. I can’t take 3 hours of him.

    • I probably shouldn’t admit this, but sadly I’ve watched the Kevin Costner version of Robinhood at least twenty times… So, it’s not a Kevin Costner issue per se. I’m actually pretty excited for Bridge Over the River Kwai and Some Like it Hot. My husband, however, is dreading the whole thing. Some of the movies we watched were like getting through chores.

  3. Steve says:

    Really, you haven’t seen jaws yet. Also Dances with Wolves is one of my favorites of all time. patton was good, but of you wanna watch a movie that doesn’t get any coverage but was a very interesting flick is Conspiracy. Real good cast and powerful storyline

  4. haphillips says:

    I don’t know why Karate Kid isn’t here…..I effing love Casa Blanca!

    • Casablanca is awesome, and makes me want to visit Morocco. (My hubby and I actually argue about this. He wants to go to Africa about as much as he wants a root canal…) I haven’t seen Karate Kid in so long I don’t even remember it!

  5. haphillips says:

    I don’t know why Karate Kid isn’t here…..I effing love Casa Blanca! PS Singing in the Rain is freaking awesome! But I love your line out

  6. Baz says:

    for clarity purposes do the ‘????’ indicate you have not watched it, or you have no opinion on it or both? How have you not seen, nor have any comments on “some like it hot”? Marilyn! So good.
    I’m kinda feeling like there needs to be more Elvis movies listed. And the next one you watch has got to be “The Wild Bunch”.

    • Yeah, the ???? means I haven’t seen it, usually that I haven’t even attempted to watch it, since I have had some failed attempts. I have NEVER seen an Elvis movie, and I’m definitely going to have to check out “The Wild Bunch”. I have no idea what it’s even about.

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