Poison, Sausage, General Mayhem…

Before we had kids, going out on the weekend was a regular and normal thing.  Then we had kids and became hermits.  At first, it was because we never wanted to leave our kids.  Then we did want to go out, but were super-selective about who we’d leave with our children.  Now we’re in the final stage, the one where we’ll happily allow Attila the Hun to babysit as long as he’s willing and available.

Last night, we went to our first concert in years.  We saw Poison and Def Leppard, neither of whom I’m very familiar with, but they’re old favorites of my husband.  I’m a few years younger than my husband, so I really only know about Bret Michaels from watching “Rock of Love” marathons.  (Yeah, okay, I probably shouldn’t admit that…)  Lita Ford performed too, but we arrived late and missed her whole performance.  I’ll spare you the long story, mainly for the sake of family peace…

Did everyone secretly love this show or was it just me? (Photo Credit: Buddy TV.com)

I thought the concert itself was fun, but my husband thought it was horrible.  Not terrible, just bad in a funny way.  There were clearly technical issues with Poison’s set.  Mainly they needed to turn up the volume because it wasn’t projecting properly.  Although I’ve been to Jones Beach before, I’d never seen a show there and found the venue itself interesting.  The stage is built right into the water, and there were swans twenty feet from the stage.  Apparently they’re not very noise-sensitive, or maybe they just love “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” that much…

Just like every cowboy sings a sad sad song… (Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

That song still stands up remarkably well twenty-four years later.  It’s funny how some things resonate many years later and some things just… don’t.  (However, that’s really another blog post for another day…)

Unfortunately, today I’m paying the price for the open-air concert.  I can’t stop sneezing!  I went to the drugstore to get Claritin, but the system was down and I couldn’t get clearance.  It was kinda ridiculous since I was standing there sneezing and snotting all over the place, clearly in need of allergy meds.  (I know it’s a lovely image.  You’re welcome.)  I think the cashier would have sold it to me, but the manager told her she couldn’t.  Ugh.  Meanwhile the cashier scanned my license four times!  So I’m probably already flagged as either a drug addict or a chemist…  Oh well, that’s probably just the natural chain of events.  You start going to Poison/Def Leppard concerts and the next thing you know you’re a drug dealer…

In honor of the show Rock of Love, today’s recipe will be…


2 TBSP butter

1 package Spanish Rice

1 ½ cups water

14 oz diced tomatoes

½ cup mild salsa

14 oz corn, drained

12 oz cooked chicken sausage

½ lb peeled cooked shrimp

chopped cilantro, optional

In a large skillet, melt butter over medium hear.  Add rice mixture (reserve flavor pack) and brown according to package directions.  Increase heat to high.  Stir in water, tomatoes, salsa, and flavor pouch.  Bring to a boil and reduce heat to medium-low.  Cover and simmer 15 minutes.  Stir corn and sausage into rice, layer shrimp on top, and cook 5 minutes more, until liquid is absorbed.  Top with cilantro if using.  It’s not only super easy, but it’s healthy too!

Serves: 4

* I think this recipe originally came from Parents magazine.

Been to any good (or bad) concerts lately?

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21 Responses to Poison, Sausage, General Mayhem…

  1. My wife and I went about six months ago to a Motley Crue & Poison concert with some friends. Like a lot of people we had gone through the hair band stage around college age. I have to say, in that case, Poison rocked the house! MC wasn’t that great, bunch of old fat guys that didn’t seem to be in synch.

    • We missed a Brett Michaels concert a few years ago, in a very small venue near our house, and we later heard it was great! (Also, he clearly likes to talk which is easier to do in a small venue…) Their music was really really quiet on Friday. Then Def Leppard came on, and suddenly the volume went way up. My husband loves Motley Crue. Hopefully, he never sees this comment. 🙂

  2. I watched Rock of Love too, Lovely. I’m not proud of it either.

    I can’t remember the last time I went to a concert—it’s been a really really long time. It was probably Elvis Costello. And your recipe is making me hungry even though I just had breakfast.

    • That show was exactly like I imagine crack cocaine. Bad for you and entirely addictive. 🙂

      Elvis Costello! I think growing up without MTV left me in the dark about so many musicians, where I’ve heard their names, but never heard or seen their music… We love paella. My husband likes it better without the shrimp though. I’m not strict about following recipes.

  3. I used to be a huge fan of Def Leppard, especially their earlier stuff (I was around 10 years old when they first started out…) Poison, I could do without though.

    I hear you on the snotty sneezy problem. I finally switched back to Zyrtec this year and it has worked miracles, I can finally breathe and my eyes aren’t on fire!

    • Zyrtec is pretty good, I’ll have to remember that!

      I used to take Allegra daily, and I barely sneezed at all for about two years, but it turned out to be overkill. I really only need it on days where I’m outside a lot. If we ever return to an agrarian society without air conditioning (ya know, after the zombie apocalypse), then I’ll be in trouble. Then again, if I survive the zombie apocalypse, I’m pretty sure allergies will be the least of my problems… I’m not exactly known for my gardening skills.

  4. Went to a concert last week with a regional favorite, a hip hop artist called Mosley Wotta. It was a good show, except I think he was tired, or in a bad mood, or something, because he’s a very upbeat, personable performer but 3 or 4 different times he introduced a song by saying “If you don’t like this next one, we don’t care! Ha ha ha!” The ‘ha ha ha’ loses effectiveness after a while.

    • 😀

      We are going to see Morrissey in a few months. I am fully expecting him to say the exact same thing… Of course, the difference is, he’ll actually mean it! I’m pretty sure he hates his fans, even though he lives off the royalties.

  5. jimmydevious says:

    we’ll happily allow Attila the Hun to babysit as long as he’s willing and available.

    Did you know Attila the Hun used to make tenderized jerky by stuffing raw meat under his ass? Especially whilst on the backside of a hoss. It’s true.

    Hunic ass jerky is very nutritious. Rich in Protein and Methane… But I digress.

    He’s a Poison fan, seriously?? For real?? That’s cute. I thought dudes were only fans of Poison if they wanted to get laid, 😉

    I mean Brett Michaels lost his badass credentials for me when he started making designer rocker apparel…FOR PETS!

    (Though, I must admit, if he were still above ground, my Aussie Silky Pepper would look GNARLY in a Terrier-sized biker jacket, B) )

    I better unskiddy-bop my butt away before I say anything more…’bout that! 😛 LOL

    • Dude, he makes designer dog apparel? I almost love him even more for that. Wouldn’t dress my dog in clothing and haven’t done that since I was four, but I love it!!! I’m surprised that his band is still willing to work with him at this point!

      And ewwwwwww. Surely there was some other way to dry your meat into jerky. Salt, people, salt!!

  6. I made the Fashion Mister come with me to a Lenny Kravitz concert a few months ago. We had tickets for the third-row, center stage but I went right up to the stage with all the younger people and it was worth my feet killing the next day. I have amazing photos and at one point Lenny was les than arms length away.
    I was very proud of myself for not touching, screaming or fainting! 🙂
    With maturity, some good things have to happen.
    It didn’t mean as much to the Fashion Mister. He is 10 years older and not as big a fan but he had a good time and works with the motto “Happy Wife, Happy Life”!
    He’s kind of clever that way. 🙂

  7. What? No recipe to go with the paella? Because clearly you are buying a loooot of allergy meds.

    I would love to see Def Leppard in concert, although I’m having trouble imagining them needing to turn UP the volume. I’ve got tickets in my pocket for an Indigo Girls concert in a few weeks. I am totally stoked!

    • No, I’ve never done drugs, and I’m definitely not about to take them up in my thirties!

      They turned up the microphones for Def Leppard. I actually thought they were the better part of the show. I like Bret Michaels, but his part of the show was just SO quiet. I loved Indigo Girls, especially when I was in high school. I still get inordinately excited every time I hear “Least Complicated”!

      Oh, and welcome! And thanks for your comment. 🙂

  8. El Guapo says:

    Ratt opening for Poison was one of the first concerts I saw.
    Managed to see Def Leppard at Irving Plaza a few years ago. Good show. Just short.

    Jones Beach is a great venue. They updated the whole thing about 10 – 15 years ago, made it much better.

    • I never saw it before then. I’ll have to ask my husband about that. I think he went a lot as a teenager.

      I never listened to Def Leppard before the concert (and grew up without MTV) so I was surprised that I actually recognized about half the songs they played.

  9. I never really liked Poison, though I was a pretty big fan of Def Leppard. Never say either of them in concert, though I do remember Lita Ford being the hottest thing in metal. The last concert I went to was Meshuggah, and it was fair to middlin.

    • Yeah, I’m not too familiar with her solo stuff. I wonder if we might have missed the best part of this concert though. (Our in-laws set our house alarm off so we went back home to deal with it, which probably cost us an hour.) My husband really likes Joan Jett and Lita Ford, so he was crabby about it…

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