The All Important Quiz… and Angelina Jolie!

When I first started blogging on WordPress last October, my intention was to blog solely about family life with a special needs child.  However, I found that blog so depressing that I deleted it after a few months.  For this blog, I turned it into a category (as fair warning), and write about it on an as-needed basis.  I’ve abandoned other blogs as well, for various reasons.  I’m flighty that way; I don’t always know exactly what I want.

Basically, I have a hard drive chock full of writing, but despite that, I often have no idea what to post.  That’s where you come in.

Sustenance is a very hodgepodge theme.  I’ve posted in every category imaginable, and I have no idea why anyone watches this blog.  I don’t publicize either.  So, I don’t know most of you in real life, and only know a handful of you from my old blog.  Now is your opportunity to speak your mind on what you’d like to read more about.  Plus, this way, if you hate my next few posts, you have only yourselves to blame…

Madame Weebles, you are encouraged to vote as many times as you deem necessary.

Bonus Section:

1. May I include you in my blogroll?

2. Do I have to ask permission to include people on my blogroll?

3. Anything else that’s on your mind?

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19 Responses to The All Important Quiz… and Angelina Jolie!

  1. beck16 says:

    There’s not an “all of the above”. So, I’ll just tell you… all of the above. Lots of humor helps. 😉
    I follow you because you make me laugh. So, as long as you keep me entertained, I’ll continue to follow. 🙂

    • You know how sometimes you know exactly what you want to write, and other days you have a blogging identity crisis? Yep, the latter.

      Thanks for the compliment! I put in the “don’t care” reply as a joke not expecting people to actually click it!

  2. amb says:

    Confession: I voted twice, just because I was so excited to see Angelina in your title 🙂
    And while good drunken stories are always appreciated, I will happily read whatever it is you choose to write about, because I think you’ve got a real knack for writing engaging and honest posts!
    Bonus: you can certainly include me in your blogroll if you’d like! I’m not sure about asking for permission…I usually add first and ask later, lol. Like I did with your blog, in fact 🙂

    • Thanks Amb! Yeah, I figured when people realized they could vote twice some people would, but no biggie. I was totally joking when I added that category, but now all of my commenters are officially my favorite! 🙂 And I was hoping to get your permission, as well as a couple of other folks. Thanks!!

  3. El Guapo says:

    Like beck said, there should be an all of the above (have you learned nothing form my mistakes?!?)
    1 – sure
    2 – no
    3 – Food. I mean thoughts of food are on my mind. Not food. Unless you’re a zombie. Then I guess there literally is food on my mind.

    (by the way, the answer I did click makes me your favorite.)

    You have a very engaging writing style, L&L. I look forward to email notifications for your latest post. I guess the more important question is what do you want to write about?

    • Alright, I included that category as a joke… but now I’m actually going to have to think about what I write next. I think it will be campus crime notes, seahorses, and follow up with a more serious post. (Those are the ones I hate the most though.)

      I am actually a zombie, but only after plied with hours of “Cougartown” and an obscene amount of coffee Patron. However, I’m not a zombie who eats brains. I just lie there comatose, and wish the cookies would bake themselves!

  4. Oh boy! You know I’ll be voting multiple times, since it’s the American way…thank you for giving me permission! 😀

  5. Go Jules Go says:

    Okay, I am definitely in the majority here with my two votes! And I am glad. Actually, I’d be interested in reading more about your blogging experience, too!

    Oh and you DEFINITELY don’t have to ask for blogroll permission; that is one of the ultimate compliments to another blogger, so no one would ever be upset to spot themselves on your blogroll! (And kudos for not saying, “If I add you to mine, will you add me to yours?” Yes! That really happens! Tacky Town.)

    • Oh, yikes, that is super tacky! One time, I asked a real-life friend who’s been slacking on his own blog, “Hey, are you going to start writing on your blog again, and if so, can I link to it?” SILENCE. And I wasn’t sure so I didn’t add him.

      I figured I’d ask en masse this time around to avoid that awkwardness. I actually use my blogroll a lot, since my reader is pretty spastic. That said, I’m not sure if anyone else ever clicks on it! If you are ever looking for new blogs, HA Phillips is hysterical. (I laugh out loud every time I read his blog, which is mainly stories about his pregnant wife.) Bubbles and Fresh Daily Bread are also great.

      Now, I see I need to get to work on a couple of stories…

  6. jimmydevious says:

    1. May I include you in my blogroll?

    Does a frog shite in the woods or a bear bump its furry ass when it hops??

    You can blogroll me any ol’ time you want, I’m a total manwhore for publicity. However, I take NO RESPONSIBILITY if any of the “friends” you recommend to my blog then come back hurling, complaining about me, or hurling WHILE complaining about me and my blog. 😉

    2. Do I have to ask permission to include people on my blogroll?

    No, but, “it’d be coooooler if you diiiiiiid…. “B)

    3. Anything else that’s on your mind?

    Brownies. Lots and lots… of brownies. B)

    It’s so funny you brought up Angelina though, because I just got finished earlier this week talking about the “Angelina Effect” on my OTHER other Top Secret! Blog.

    • I don’t believe that you have a top secret blog, but I’m keeping my eye on you nonetheless. :p

      And thanks for giving me your permission! Of course, I don’t hold myself accountable for the hurling either. 😀

  7. Yes! My vote put the drunken stories category over the top. Now close the polls!

  8. Andrewelizabeth says:

    I picked the one that would make me your favorite….but so did nine others, so let me know how THAT match comes out (I fight dirty, btw). But I must say that I do like to hear about the crime notes….and other goofy adventures you have.

  9. Andrewelizabeth says:

    HA! It is great to be privy to the dirt!!

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