Leaving the Temple

Leaving the Temple

wavering, teetering, coiled

there might be nothing else

or it could be endless peonies

in the haze there is reckoning

shadows and disbelief

only sparkling black concrete

between the temple and

the end.

This is my Trifextra contribution.  Without the title, it is 33 words.  Wordpress is not allowing me to create links or tags right now… It’s also not allowing me to upload photos to posts…

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6 Responses to Leaving the Temple

  1. Leaving religion is a huge leap. We can never really be sure what is at the end, it’s all on belief. Interesting take on the prompt.
    Thanks for linking up this week. Be sure to come on back this week for the longer challenge.

    • Yes, I may try to go back to this piece later in something longer. I really didn’t have enough words to delve into the cult angle, which was what it was meant to be about. Thanks!

  2. I like it. More Lovely poetry, please.

  3. Love your creativity. Keep it coming!

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