Because Bacon is Sexy…

I started writing this post before I realized that I did not have to do anything to obtain one of Jules’s awesome slap bracelets.  I may have also offered her vodka, but that is neither here nor there.  (And if you lived close enough I might offer you vodka in exchange for slap bracelets as well.)  Oh well, here it is…

My (Extra Special) List of Guilty Pleasures

  1. I’m not proud of it, but I did watch Rock of Love during its brief stint.
  2. When I first got cable television, I watched hours upon hours of Pop-Up Video.  I even wrote an essay declaring it avant-garde.  (Sadly, my Professor did not agree…)
  3. I’ve seen the Kevin Costner version of Robinhood at least twenty times.  (Shut up.  I was in junior high.  I didn’t know any better.)
  4. I loved Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion, and when Time After Time comes on I sing right along with it.
  5. I love reading cheesy historical smut, especially when it’s set in Victorian England.  If it has Fabio on the cover, I give it bonus points.
  6. Anything white chocolate, including those magnum white chocolate ice cream bars
  7. My taste in dance music is atrocious.  Every time Britney Spears or Katy Perry comes on, my shoulders start swaying.  I know they’re horrible, but they just make me want to dance.

Thank you in advance for not reading and/or pretending that you never read any of this.

More importantly, here is the photo montage…

Alright, now I need to actually send my request to Jules for three slap bracelets.  Little kids are not exactly notorious for sharing…  Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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24 Responses to Because Bacon is Sexy…

  1. El Guapo says:

    After writing all that, I really hope you get the slap bracelets.
    Or so I imagine, since I swear, I didn’t read any of it.
    Have a great weekend!

    *rock of love. sigh.*

  2. Go Jules Go says:

    OMG! This makes me happy on SO. MANY. LEVELS. You are the shiz!!! And, the fact that you WANT 3 bracelets is awesome, too! (Coming right up my friend – just send me your address, social security number and mother’s maiden name. Hahaha But seriously, I can’t WAIT to send you some!)

    First of all, you and your clan (dog included OF COURSE) are so stinkin’ cute. You’re right that the only possible improvement is neon pink accessories.

    And I could have used you last year, when I was trying to convince people it was okay to divulge their guilty pleasures. I have had to work long and hard with some of them to get to where we are today.

    But you? You’re an inspiration. The chipmunk kingdom is solemnly bowing as I type this.

    • The whole kingdom? Oh, now that is truly exciting!

      I just e-mailed you, but I’m not sure about sending you my social security number. I might need to be more careful with personal information especially since I just admitted that I’m planning on vandalizing public property… Granted, it’s for a worthy cause, but I should probably be a bit more careful…

  3. Sistah! I too watched all of Rock of Love. I probably should be ashamed of myself but I’m not. I have watched Pop-Up Video so many times (the old ones, anyway) that I know most of them by heart. And I can quote most of Romy & Michele.

    • Romy and Michele is just SO GOOD! It’s one of those movies that just doesn’t get nearly as much love and respect as it should! Ditto for Pop-Up Video. I think it was just so good that no one even realized it. Sly almost.

      It’s much harder for me to make that same argument for Rock of Love. There was really nothing subtle about that show. And I can only imagine how much that show must have cost to produce… in hair products alone!

  4. The only way I’m forgiving you for letting us see the abominable Brit and Perry on this post is because of the presence of THE Kevin Costner. Hahahaha! I had a crush on the guy, and to think he’s older than my dad! I watched The Bodyguard five times because of him. Eeeeyuk!

    And maybe also because of the lovely pics of the kids and their crazy mom. Maybe. 😉

    • I know the Katy Perry thing is bad. (I will try not to mention her again.) I’ve seen probably every Kevin Costner movie ever made except for Dances With Wolves. My grandma was a huge fan. She admitted he was not a great actor, but she watched his movies over and over again despite that.

      BTW, she was considered the normal grandma. It was my other grandma who everyone thought was outright crazy. (Sadly, I seem to take after that side of the family, but that’s another story for another day…)

      • ChrisP says:

        Okkk you’ve seen every Kevin Costner movie BUT the one he was actually decent in…I’m REALLY confused by that now :-/ I stop on Robin Hood every now and then when it’s on when I need my blood pressure raised by frustration !! I’ll admit I do watch Waterworld when i see it on…it’s hokie but

        He just seems to play the same character in every single movie he’s in…basically Kevin Costner playing himself in (X) role

        I feel the same way about Shia Lebouf :-/

        • You secretly like Robinhood Prince of Thieves!? Ha!

          Yes, that is probably the only Kevin Costner movie made in the nineties that I’ve never seen. (My grandma didn’t own that one despite her very large Kevin Costner stash.) I rented it once, but didn’t get very far. I can be a little narcoleptic during slow movies, and I’m horribly narcoleptic when pregnant.

  5. haphillips says:

    You posted a top movie list at some point in the past and I was upset that you left of Prince of Thieves! I freaking love it!

  6. Hobbles says:

    Fun! Those are the cutest pics…all of you are adorable!

  7. narcissista1 says:

    You had me at bacon

  8. amb says:

    I LOVE Romy and Michelle!!! And you. That is all.

  9. Andrewelizabeth says:

    OK – I have two questions about this…first of all, where is the sexy bacon? And second, WHAT is wrong with the statue and WHY is he winking at me like that?

  10. Andrewelizabeth says:

    I suspected as much (about the crush – or the selling of pizza). And thank goodness…Drew likes all bacon, but particularly the sexy kind.

  11. speaker7 says:

    Not only did I watch all three seasons of Rock of Love, I looked forward to them. I wish there was a 4th.

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