I Wanna Be a Cavewoman. And I Wanna Be Legally Permitted to Club My Husband Whenever We Don’t Agree.

Generally speaking, my husband and I are very lucky.  We agree on lots of things so there’s no need for us to battle.  However, on those rare occasions where we do disagree, we both play to win.  And if we get to mock each other in the process, that’s a HUGE bonus.  Funny is fair game in our house.

From the minute we married, my husband has accused me of wanting to live in a cave.  That’s because I never remember to open the bedroom shades and my idea of a beautiful house looks straight out of nineteenth century Europe.  (Brown leather couches, thick drapes, and mahogany furniture…)  Because nineteenth century European decor is not practical for us, my husband won that battle.

Besides home decor, we also like to spar, with clubs in hand, over our children’s names.  We agree on numerous tenets when it comes to naming our children…  We both feel there’s a fine line between a trendy name and a name that’s going to get your ass kicked on the playground.  That allowed us to quickly eliminate names like Ocean, Stream, Magnolia, Pear, and Tree.  And we realized from the get-go that names like Cumin only sound good when you’re pregnant and craving spicy food.  Basically, we agree on a lot of name-like things, we just don’t agree on actual names.

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I became enthralled with one name.  Miriam.  I would rub my belly and whisper it.  “Miriam.”  My husband was initially lukewarm, but the more I talked about it, the more he realized he hated it.

Babies with great names sleep better.

The other names I loved were a little bit old-fashioned, Delia, Josephine, and Eleanor.  He hated these as well.  “Do we have to name our daughter after a song?”  (Actually, pregnancy hormones can do crazy things, and at one point I was only willing to entertain names if they also had accompanying songs.)

Because my husband’s grandmother was named Josephine, I rallied particularly hard for Josie.  Naturally, the more I championed it, the more he hated it.  Also, he claimed if we named her Josephine she would come out of the womb with a mop in her hand.  (My husband’s grandmother was infamous for her love of cleaning.)

Since I do play to win, I realized I was going to have to resort to reverse psychology.  I decided to bypass my usual old-fashioned names and focus entirely on the archaic.  I started regularly referring to our baby as Esmerelda Annunciata Desiderata Geraldine Scholastica Eulalia Desdemona Eugenia.  Finding horrible names became a favorite pastime of mine.  To the horror of my friends and family, I would post picture updates on Facebook of my burgeoning bump complete with the worst names I could think of.  I figured if I referred to her as Esmerelda Eugenia often enough, Miriam and Josephine would start sounding awesome by comparison.

As you can see, this is yet another reason to hate facebook.

The end result?  I showed up at the hospital with the baby falling out of me and we still had no name!  Then I clubbed my husband over the head in a fit of hormonal insanity, and named our daughter Rose.

Do you have any favorite baby names?  What are the best and worst names you’ve heard and/or considered?

I’m just relieved my crazy parents didn’t name me Geraldine Apple Eugenia.  Phew!  That was close!  And thanks to Daddy, my house doesn’t resemble a big brown cave either!

*I have no actual sources to back up any of these statements, but I believe them to be true.

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169 Responses to I Wanna Be a Cavewoman. And I Wanna Be Legally Permitted to Club My Husband Whenever We Don’t Agree.

  1. Rich says:

    I actually kinda like Esmerelda. I got to avoid the whole naming dilemma. If I had to I think I would definitely go old school. Mordacai has a nice ring to it.

    • By the end of the pregnancy, the name Esmerelda was really growing on me. (My hubby still hated it though.)

      And I can’t help but prefer old school to new school. I really can’t imagine naming my kid Apple or Pilot Inspektor…

  2. Peaches says:

    I love older names! They are on the verge of being cool again. What ever happened to Eve, Beverly (Bevi), and Imogen? Well…maybe I shouldn’t be in charge of naming a child either. But Miriam is lovely, and has so much nick-name potential. Nick-name potential is important.

    • I know. I can’t believe my husband didn’t like the name Miriam! I really like Eve and Beverly too, but our last name is tricky, and doesn’t work with everything. (It’s 4-syllables, difficult to pronounce, and difficult to spell…)

      • Peaches says:

        I lucked out. Hubby has a two syllable name. Very easy to pronounce. I can put just about anything I want with it. lol

  3. Hobbles says:

    I love Rose. My son was kind of a tradition from his side of the family, and my daughter was a play on my parent’s names. It turned out well. 😉

  4. El Guapo says:

    It’s a running joke between my girl and I to yell out potential baby names.
    I’m always surprised when I announce one and she doesn’t roll her eyes at me.

    • It’s a funny thing. My husband and I like the same kind of names, just not the same actual names. Then toss in a very unusual last name and you have the perfect recipe for endless bickering and haggling…

      However, the kooky names do end up being fun, even though I would never put one on my kid’s birth certificate!

      Oh, and I should be going skydiving in the next couple of days!

      • El Guapo says:

        Fantastic! Can’t wait to hear about it!
        Where are you going?

        I’m hoping to cross bungee jump off my list in the very near future.

        • You go to the place you mentioned upstate?

          I’m flying out to California today to visit a friend. So I don’t know exactly where just yet… I’m nervous but excited. And also might want to finish the packing… Oops.

          • El Guapo says:

            I’ll be doing mine off of a privately owned bridge in Portland.
            Yeah, I don’t want to talk about the packing.
            I’ll probably end up going with eleventy thousand electronics chargers and a sock.

  5. I love the older names too. Names like Rose, Josephine (my grandmother’s name too), Dorothy (my other grandmother’s name), old-school names like that. Or even simpler names like Mary and Margaret. You NEVER hear about girls with those names anymore.

    And people who name their kids after objects or geographic locations need to be beaten within an inch of their lives.

    • My husband’s other grandma is also named Dorothy… but I don’t think he cared about using a family name. My hubby actually rallied hard for Mary, which of course made me rally even harder… for Miriam with Mary as a nickname.

      Naming your kid after an object really is cruel. I don’t know too many location names, although I suspect Victoria Beckham could be taken down pretty easily…

  6. Lakia Gordon says:

    Josephine is pretty 🙂

  7. We jokingly told everyone we were going to name our son “Lavender.” Most people were not sure if we were joking. I loved it. I was on the fence about naming him “Barfzilla.” I still think that was a keeper. His name is John. Go figure.

  8. DANNNNNNG, Girl, you’ve been Freshly Pressed!!! Congratulations!!

  9. themommyquad says:

    I really wanted to name my last daughter “Felicity” — it was my last chance to pay my respects to the late great television series of the same name starring Keri Russell (pathetic, I know, but I always wanted to go to college in New York City as Felicity did so I lived vicariously through her. And she has great hair). Anyway, I loved your rendition of married life. I am also a fan of marital debate but my husband pouts that all I want to do is master every debate (this is true). Thanks for a great post. (P.S. I have to sort of hate you for being one of those enviably thin pregnant ladies. Sorry.)

  10. goisy says:

    I love Rose – although I think I’d probably go for Rosie when she was younger! My names Laura and I’ve always wanted a name I can shorten if I wanted 😦 Vivienne is a gorgeous name and I love Lily too – but I don’t think my boyfriend would be too keen 😦

  11. James Edwin says:

    I was almost named Cheshire after my grandfather. Thankfully my parents decided against it. My wife and I liked the name Isabella for our daughter but we eventually settled on Juliana. And for our son we chose the name James Matthew.

  12. The Readist says:

    I love older names! We have a son named Oakley. We met a man recently who is 84 years old who is also named Oakley.

  13. essaalroc says:

    When I was pregnant, I told my ex if we had a daughter, I was naming her Chlamydia. Sure, it’s a horrible disease, but it’s also a beautiful sounding name. 🙂

    Also, congrats on freshly pressed!

  14. yiotta says:

    When you talk about names associated with songs, I can only remember one right away — Sharona from [My, My, My] My Sharona by The Knack but backed to a corner at this time and place, I can’t for the life of me think of a name I would champion if I were to have a daughter.

    When I was growing up, I wanted one of the more “popular” names like Karen or Kathy but now that I’m all grown up, I don’t feel any connection to those names nor my own (which is an old fashioned name; I’m used to it now but not in love with it) so I’m glad I don’t have to go through the contentious naming process you had with your husband.

    What kinds of names did he like? (If they don’t appall you so much to share here…!)

    Rose is a great name–like say if she becomes sweet natured as her name may suggest then everyone’ll be ooh’s and awe’s about her but if she’s the complete opposite–feisty–then it becomes a fun name because it’ll so take anyone who’s just met her by complete surprise…

    • She’s two. So she can be a tad feisty, but she’s also a sweetie. My husband rallied very hard for the name Mary, which would make a great nickname… for the name Miriam… Just sayin’…

      And I hated my name growing up too. It’s a boring name, but now I like it.

      • yiotta says:

        You’re funny. I guess this is something chalked up to fate–your little one had to be Rose no matter how much you championed Miriam. She’s lucky to have parents who are so involved… (And you and the husband are lucky to have so many adventures ahead of you beyond the “terrible twos”!)

  15. Billie says:

    My boyfriend and I don’t see ourselves having children for a long time, but he hates that my favorite name for a boy is Twain. In my defense, Mark Twain is one of my favorite authors and I love the idea of naming our children after my favorite writers and book characters. At least I haven’t demanded that any future offspring be named after Harry Potter or Game of Thrones characters.

  16. Congrats on FP!

    I didn’t name any of my kids until they came out of me. Because reading baby name books makes me want to pluck out my eyeballs.

  17. hangryhippo says:

    hah this is great! give your kids unique names…it’ll help them stand out in life

  18. Cute post! While we aren’t parents yet, it is a strange hobby of mine to name our un-conceived. For about two (clearly insane) weeks I thought Azalea would be the best name for a little girl. Thank heavens we didn’t have a little one during those two weeks!

  19. Misaal Shah says:

    Noble effort with the reverse psychology, do you think your husband caught onto your devious tactic after a while?

    I’ve always liked the name sia for a girl.

    • I think there’s a musician with that name. (I’m not sure how she spells it.) He just thought I was being ridiculous for the sake of being ridiculous. In fairness, I do that sometimes…

  20. Cat says:

    Ah! I love Miriam! And my husband is surprisingly obliging when it comes to my name ideas. I’m about to have Eloise in about 6 weeks, and though he was initially skeptical, I jokingly referred to her as “Baby Lolo” and he was sold. Phew!

  21. s1ngal says:

    Rose is rose is rose… 🙂

  22. My Grandmother’s name was Lola, always reminded my of Barry Manilow singing Copa Cabana. I don’t have children, finding them to be rather vile, but my cats are named Toulouse, Sebastian, Lulu, Hamlet and Valentine. We have a dog named Lucy. I am, however, now particularly fond of Scholastica Blueberry.

    • Yeah, that was one of my better “gems”… I actually love the names Lulu and Lucy! Naturally, Lola makes me think of that song, or worse, another version of Lolita… And that’s definitely a name I would avoid!

  23. Scribbler says:

    I am so old-fashioned and I love older names like Georgiana, Blanche, Florence, Elizabeth, Lydia, etc. I also l would love living in a cave (I mean estate) with huge drapes, thick fluffy rugs, parlors, a big library with old leather books, a tea table, a few balcony’s, a ball room…

    Anyone else seen Pride and Prejudices Pemberley (Kiera Knightly Version)? Pretty much that.

    Of course I have not concept of how I can pay for that. Just dreaming for now.:)

  24. Well, my name was totally made up … and spelled wrong, phonetically speaking (it’s pronounced like “michelob” with a long “e” sound, though it’s spelled like it should have a long “i” sound — like Michael-lee).

    So any of your choices are totally cooler. And less confusing.

    Does Geraldine have a nick-name?

    • I’m thinking you could go with Gerry, maybe? It is tricky to have a have a long and unusual first name. We already have a long and unusual last name, which kinda makes us think simple names are best for us.

      Thanks for your visit and comment. Love your blog BTW!

  25. Dan Clarke says:

    My wife and I had a small problem with names, she’s Chinese and I’m Canadian. I wanted a Chinese name as long as it was easy to pronounce, my wife wanted an English name. We compromised with Anqi which means Angel.
    So I call our daughter Anqi, my wife calls her Angela.
    Confuses the poor girl sometimes, but it was a good compromise for us.

    I love all the names you picked. Your husband needs better taste.

    • Ha! I will never tell him you said this, but thanks!

      And Angelica WAS actually on our short list… We both liked it, but it doesn’t sound great with our name. (Actually, most names don’t sound good with our last name. That’s part of what keeps our naming discussions spirited…)

  26. I don’t post my kids names publicly, but I will say that my son has a traditional Biblical name with his great grandmothers maiden name as his middle. My daughter’s name has nine letters (two are capitalized) and a “misspelled” middle name. I will say that if my daughter had been a boy, her name would have been Jaxon Riley. My son would have been Rowan Elizabeth, if he had been a girl. (Elizabeth is my grandmothers middle name, we were honoring our grandmothers either way. My husband won the gender card.)

    • I love the idea of family names, although I also prefer them as middle names. Exact copies make special occasions way too tricky. Just for fun, call out the name Jennifer in a crowded restaurant… Kidding, but you know exactly what I mean…

      I also really like the name Rowan Elizabeth.

      • It was cute when we came up with Rowan. It’s the female version of Roan, which is the name my brother-in-law wants to name his first son LOL Would have been hilarious, as we already have Christopher, Crystal, Christy, Kaylynn, Kristina and Kaitlyn. My husband’s family has really been sticking to one set of sounds from the “baby naming handbook” lol

  27. DaPoet says:

    I have decided to reblog this post for one reason only: As an example of misandry with the following comment added:

    This is what Misandry {hatred of men} Looks like. About how long do you think a blog would last on wordpress if a man were to make the exact same statement about his wife. I suspect not very long as {thanks to feminism} our society condemns violence aimed at women while laughing at violence aimed at men.

    • This blog post is meant to be silly and ridiculous.

      I actually ran this post by my husband BEFORE I hit the publish button, and if you read anything else on this blog, you will quickly realize I do not condone violence against ANYONE.

      • DaPoet says:

        Then you need to learn to write what you mean and actually think about what you write. Your title says it all: “And I Wanna Be Legally Permitted to Club My Husband Whenever We Don’t Agree.”

        I’m simply taking your own words at face value and responding accordingly.

        • Actually the title does NOT say it all. This post is clearly meant to be satire. The only reason I’m approving your comments is because they say far more about YOU than they say about me.

          I will not, however, approve any more comments from you because I have better things to do than argue with people on the internet.

  28. Hey! My name is Rose too!! I’d like to name my baby something like Frederica Joanna Annabel Frederica – the same name twice in the sequence. It’s America and I am free to do that!

    • Doesn’t that happen sometimes anyway if and when people go by traditional Spanish names? I actually like all three of those names, but Joanna is the only one that would ever work with our last name. (Our long and highly unusual name definitely added to our naming issues…)

  29. Red Toenails says:

    I’m soooooooooooo glad my mom didn’t name me after my grandmothers. I just couldn’t take being called Nola or Effie.

  30. Ha. I have an alter-ego named Esmerelda. I call her my doppleganger too. I realize that probably doesn’t make sense to anyone who may read this. An alter-ego that is also a doppleganger? Yeah. You’d have to know me & Esmerelda. ; )

    I wanted to name my future daughter Echo, for SO many reasons, reasons that apply to my husband and me and our relationship… But the hubs, he didn’t so much agree. So instead I named my blog that & the main female character that I write about that too, and it applies so well to her.

    But I think the worst idea I had for a baby name ( and apparently I can only envision myself having a daughter) was Xyolah. As in Janes Addiction, “I miss you, my dear, Xyolah…” at the beginning of Three Days, I think. And I don’t even know if I am anywhere near spelling that name correctly… She may become a character, who knows?

    I enjoyed reading you! I’m looking forward to future posts from you. My husband and I argue the same way… : )

    • Yep, arguing can be funny, but only if you do it just right… I am all about giving characters outlandish names, but people have to live with their names. And worse, spell them. (My last name is a humdinger. So spelling that is enough torture…)

  31. amb says:

    You got Freshly Pressed you got Freshly Pressed you got Freshly Pressed!!!!!
    Wheeeeeeee! So excited for you 🙂 Congratulations!

  32. I love it. I accuse my husband of living in a cave all the time since he’s forever closing the blinds!!! I love the name Rose, too…Classic and feminine…I wanted Grace but lost that battle…I got a Kate instead which suits her much better than Grace…Thanks for a fun post…

    • I LOVE the name Grace, but I think we only considered it as a middle name. Kate is a lovely (and strong) name that my husband and I both like. We didn’t consider it for other reasons.

      And you’re quite welcome! I had fun writing it. 🙂

  33. Melicus G says:

    I think choosing the right name is really important. My ex wife didnt so I ended up choosing for my boy and girl. I believe that a name shapes the individual in many ways. Society reacts to names and the name you give your child is the first gift. I like the name Rose.

    • Oh, thank you.

      It is ultimately the child who has to live with it. Who wants to write Blueberry Smith on job applications? That said, beyond the extremely horrible, I do think it’s okay to have some creativity, especially on middle names and nicknames.

  34. Ahahaha Brilliant!
    Finding the right name is hard. Rose is a wonderful name.
    My first son we called Setesh and i am pregnant with my second and we have decided on Atlas 😀

  35. Luckily my husband and I had baby names picked out before we were even pregnant. Or, the girl’s name anyway. He started scaring me with boy’s names like Bode or Odin, but I knew that once I went into labor, the pick of names would be ALL MINE. We had a girl, so all was good.

  36. My surname is Rose, and while I like it, it made choosing a name for our daughter more difficult! We quite liked Molly, but Molly Rose sounds like a little girl, and she couldn’t ever be a rock star/ Nobel prize winner/ president with that name. We settled on Morgan for her, and gave her both her grandmother’s name (pretty convenient that they had the same name :-)) as her middle name. My son was easier because we only really liked one name. He is Ciaran, and he also has his grandfather (on his dad’s side) and great-grandfather (on my side) name as his middle name. See a pattern here? My second husband doesn’t much like Celtic names, but does like family names as middle names, so he named one of our twins Zachary, with my dad’s name as his middle name and I named the other Conal with my mum’s maiden name as his middle name. Zachary and Conal were both on the list of names that he, I and our older 4 children had approved. Needless to say, with 6 people voting (and veto-ing!) it was a very short list!!!

    Loved your post, thought it was clearly intended to be humourous! And huge congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

    • Oh, thanks! I probably should have just deleted that guy’s comment, but I hate it when people cyber-bully… And I honestly don’t think he even read the post.

      I actually love the name Molly, but Irish names sound terrible with our last name. (Most names do actually.) I have a weakness for family names, as long as there’s a way of distinguishing people (or family gatherings are a nightmare). Six people voting makes it almost like a game show! Beep! Alright, now try again…

  37. southernbarbie says:

    Love the name Rose. My little girl is Hollie. My fiance did not like Kylie Jo.

  38. daisyraytheclown says:

    Weird names is a forte in our family. We have Rowan, Ian (not so weird), Rosemary (old-fashioned), and Branwyn. We didn’t plan to have all British Isles names, but that’s what we ended up with. Our next one will break the mold though; it’s a Greek name: Alethea.

    • I really like Rosemary and Rowan. I don’t think I’ve ever heard the name Branwyn. (We do have a tricky last name though. So we automatically avoid any first name that isn’t fairly easy to spell.) Alethea is beautiful actually, but I suspect many will confuse it with Althea…

  39. ishg says:

    Literally laughed out loud by myself here when after all that, you named your child Rose. =)

  40. hemadamani says:

    wish i could actively participate in the above naming discussions. But have realized that no matter which country or language, naming your child is one major project involving all sorts of discussions and/or arguments. the trend in my country is to pick names in sanskrit words with a relevant meaning. we named our daughter”Chhavi” meaning ‘an image’ usually referred to an image of God. loved the post.

    • I love it when people choose names that are meaningful from their heritage, but yeah, there’s always way more than one factor. And it only takes one evil cheerleader to forever ruin a name…

      And thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.

  41. Eda says:

    My friend and I made up horrible names for ourselves when we were in high school. I was Myrtle Albertina Crabtree. I don’t have kids, but I named my cat Plato. I thought that was pretty cool.

  42. followechoes says:

    If only we could club them over the head… I picked my eldests daughters name while I was pregnant. I always loved the name Mia so Mia it is. My youngest daughters name my husband wanted to pick (fair enough) and he chose the name leah but we spelt it the italian way Lia. Downside is when you call one and the other one appears… doesn’t happen to often thankfully

    Rose is a beautiful name 🙂

    • I actually love both of those names, but yeah… That can can happen when the names sound similar. We avoided Jane for that reason, too close to James…

      And thanks! It really does suit her, much as I liked Miriam…

  43. PrettyGee says:

    I always love the name Margarette Rose. 🙂

  44. My two favorite names ever is my daughter – Jessica Annie-Lori and we called her Annie-Lori. My grandfather was Jess, my grandmother is Annie and Lori is my sister plus I love the character fron A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and the song for the love of Annie-Lori although it is spelled differently. My granddaughter is Kenlee Justice after her Great Uncle Kenneth and her Uncle Justin. As a leader in an elementary school I have seen them all, but in first grade when they are perfecting their name and have to get it quickly on the paper they need a short nickname or name.

    • Sadly, I cannot remember if I ever read that book… (If I did, it was in high school.) And you’re so right about kids spelling their own names. Also, sometimes the names just don’t fit the kid. So, sometimes it pays to wait and actually look at the kid before you name him/her…

  45. Jaggi says:

    Reblogged this on Jaggi.

  46. Eimear says:

    You can’t go wrong with Rose, although Josephine is a lovely name (shortened to Jo or Josie). Being Irish, if I ever do decide to have children, they will have Irish names for definite 🙂 That final photograph is lovely by the way!

  47. Congratualitions on being Freshly Pressed! (Not sure what that means though)
    Lol my full name has 8 names and I hate them all! Believe it or not, my real first two names rhyme. Try being a Cristina Marina and Desiderata starts sounding quite good:) anyways I really like your name choices…

    • Oh, thank you. Desiderata was actually one of the better archaic names… although it does sound horrendous with our last name. (We have a difficult last name which rules out a lot of names.) Cristina Marina is actually very pretty, especially Marina…

      It’s probably good we’re done having kids because I’m pretty sure my husband would never agree to that one! 😀

  48. Anita Neuman says:

    We’re finished having kids, but I’m having great fun watching the Olympics and suggesting all kinds of international names to my friends. Really, who WOULDN’T want to name their wee cherub Dong Dong? 🙂

  49. edelweiss says:

    When I had to learn the names of plants in botany, I used to learn them like, “This is a nice name! I’ll keep them for my daughter?son”. There were a handful of such names then, but the only one I recall now is Belladona. Isn’t that a lovely name?

  50. Both of my boys are named George, one with the first name and one with the second–but they are called Adam (who has the middle name) and Tyler (who has the first name). I think the name George is kind of grown up–and my dad, whose first name was George went by his second name, Edward and he did not like his first name. My husband’s dad was named George and he went by George. I think my dad’s negative feeling about his name made me not want to call my kids George.
    So,the reason I am telling you this is – I UNDERSTAND and I wanted to hit my husband over the head too
    My husband calls me a mushroom because I like dark rooms too

    • Yeah, my husband’s grandfather hated his first name and went by his middle name instead. When asked, my husband said, “No way. He hated his name. So why would I give it to my kids?” I didn’t even consider it after that.

      George is sorta old-fashioned, but I think it’s one of those that will come back. I actually LOVE the girl variant Georgiana…

      I do like dark rooms, even though reading in dark rooms is probably the reason my eyesight is horrendous and progressively getting worse. (Well, that and my impending old age…)

  51. Mooselicker says:

    Rose seems like a nice mix. It’s traditional yet not so completely flapperish. It’s just going to be annoying when she’s older and people ask if she was named after the Titanic character.

  52. Dear Love,
    Darn it,
    I wasn’t going to follow another blogger for at least a month.
    But, I can’t help myself.
    You are too fabulous.
    I hope you are happy.
    I could get lost for hours over here! Awesome blog!

  53. a good friend of mine named hers synove (probably spelling that wrong) but i just call it Gail because baby girls all look like Gail Porter to me.

  54. jensine says:

    I personally like Thalia or Tineke for girls and (I know) Zachariah for a boy … maybe tahts why I’m still single

  55. I have to admit I find Geraldine Apple oddly endearing. Coming up with the perfect name was hands down the HARDEST part of my pregnancy. Bring on the heartburn and nausea, but never show me the 2011 Baby Names Almanac again.


  56. Since you mentioned the hormones during pregnancy, I wonder if I can be trusted to come up with a name at that time if I were pregnant :). I’ve liked the name Kelly since I was little. I also like Courtney, Paul and Yesenia.

  57. B says:

    My husband lobbied hard for Pretoria. Let’s just say he’s lucky that the clubbing over the head ISN’T legal.
    I have three kids, didn’t name any of ’em. Apparently my ideas suck. lol.
    (Although in the end, Taya, Callum & Ella are pretty awesome if you ask me…)

  58. natasiarose says:

    Aww Rose is my grandmothers name and my middle name. I love it and your daughter is beautiful!

  59. Go Jules Go says:

    Whaaaaat I just saw this was Freshly Pressed!! SQUEEEE!!!!!!!! So well deserved. Congratulations!!! 🙂

  60. amoonfull says:

    Umm… my middle name is actually Eugenia *side eye*
    Ha ha! I’ve never liked it, it’s pronounced with a Spanish accent so it sounds nicer than it does in English.
    I like the name Alina or Andrea for a girl (Andrea pronounced in Spanish though, not English. Alina sounds the same in both languages.) And I like David or Anthony/Antonio for boys. I like Rose, but not Rosa (Spanish). 🙂

    • I’m sorry. I’m guessing that one is a family name. (Oh, how my ex-boyfriend hated having the middle name Avery…) I like Alina too! It’s actually really close to a friend’s name, and I love her which only makes me love it even more. That said, I’m sure my hubby would hate it. So, it’s probably a good thing we’re done having munchkins!!

  61. A cave provides the benefit of never having to argue about who left the door open.

  62. Wow! FIrst off, congrats on the FP!!

    I loved this post. My husband and I only agreed on one name for my son (thank god we even had the one name) I basically hate all boy names. Except for James (my husband’s name) So my son is Christian James. For my daughter, I had my heart set on Charlotte Rose (loved that you named your daughter Rose!) but eventually went with Julia Reese. I love traditional names.

    This post came at a good time because I just read a magazine article and the boy in it was named Lazer. Yes.

    • Lazer? What a coincidence! My teachers always used to refer to me as lazy. Of course, I never realized it was meant as a loveable nickname… 😉

      I love the name Charlotte Rose, but my husband hates all names that he associates with pop culture or celebrities. (SATC) Julia is also so pretty though. And don’t tell my hubby or he’ll get a big head, but I’m also partial to James…

      Oh, and thanks! I was pretty surprised, but I’m sure it was my daughter’s pictures that sealed the deal. Either that or I’m slightly prejudiced when it comes to her cuteness, and just got lucky.

  63. Friend of Love & Lunchmeat says:

    I like the name Rose and used it for my first daughter’s middle name. Her sister now also has a flower middle name, Violet. Surprisingly, my husband is the one who insisted we stick with flowers and since it was only the middle name, it was easy to agree. Plus, I liked those names anyway. Nevertheless, there are plenty of other things I would like to club him over the head for 🙂

    • I love your daughter’s first AND middle name. Although I really like the name Violet too. Husbands really do zillions of annoying things including vetoing awesome names, but in truth so do I!

      It’s good to see you. 🙂 I didn’t realize you’d been reading the blog!

  64. Andrewelizabeth says:

    I think Cumin Pear Magnolia should have gotten some real consideration….

  65. SK says:

    I love how you came out with all the different names for your baby. When I was in school, I always tell my friends that I will name my future kid “Copper II Sulfate Pentahydrate” because Asian names are always too short.

    • Ha! My kids all have eight syllable names thanks to a four-syllable last name! (Their first names are all one or two syllables though.) I actually like most Asian names, although I don’t know too much about their etymologies or naming traditions.

  66. britski16 says:

    I had my baby names picked out long before I found a father for my soon to be coming children. They are in order of soon to be birth; Noah Alexander, Jackson Ezekiel, Guenevive Elena and Leonora Audrey. I stated in my marrige vows that I would have Veto power over any and all baby names.

    • Welcome and congratulations! Are you carrying multiples or just planning way ahead? I love the name Genevieve. (No, my husband doesn’t, but you probably already figured that.) I also really like Audrey and Noah. Once you’ve gone through “the miracle of birth” the veto power is all yours regardless. 😀

  67. B says:

    From one mom to another, I hope you’ll give this post a read..

    Just trying to share some support for sufferers of PPD. Thx. : )

  68. I love the title of this post. It’s the hookiest, and yet most honest blog post title I’ve seen in a LONG, long time. And I loved the name Hudson, for our firstborn, who is named Taylor, because my husband didn’t like the nickname “Hud” (I love it). Now Taylor has to contend with the Taylor Swifts of the world, and just told me that there are 8 girl Taylors in his 6th grade class (out of 450 kids) and he’s the only boy. Oh well, every kid needs a battle to fight, right?

    • We read somewhere that all unisex names eventually become girl names. (Of course, Marian is the one that kills me because it was John Wayne’s real name!!) However, it usually takes some time before they become solely girl’s names. And he can still point out that Taylor guy from the Twilight series. Sorry, but I’m too lazy to look it up, and not all that up to date on pop culture…

      • Taylor Lautner, although I’m Team Edward all the way. We had that talk last night. I told him that everyone gets made fun of for some reason. I was “Spacey Stacie.” I hated it, but lived to tell the tale. Thanks for the sweet note!

  69. Wow, I missed you getting pressed! Sorry! I have been traveling a lot so not around here much. Anyhow congratulations! I’ve always wanted to live in a cave too… 🙂

    • Honestly, I was on vacation, and I almost missed me being fresh-pressed! I hadn’t checked my e-mail for a few days, and my “smart” phone wasn’t getting wi-fi signals… Thanks for stopping by though!

  70. Pingback: Summer Is Hot and So Are You – Issue #3 | Go Jules Go

  71. Grace says:

    Desiderata! Love it!
    We named one of our twins an extremely uncommon Polynesian name (neither of us are of Polynesian background at all) and I think we got a few “What were you thinking ???” looks. When they were at 3 months, I was contemplating on changing his name. But the hassle of dealing with the bureaucracy of amending birth certificates put me off completely. Oh, and also because the name does suit him to a tee. (I was supposed to say that from the beginning, right ?) 🙂

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