Gratuitous Bragging Is the New Pink…

First things first:

If you came here searching for naked pictures of Ingrid Bergman, there are no naked pictures of Ingrid Bergman on this blog.  If you are simply looking for nudity, there is “artistic nudity” here and here.  Happy?

Alright, with that out of the way…  I have a funny story.

I sometimes show my husband my blog posts before I hit the publish button.  That way, if he feels it’s too personal and/or offensive I can either tone it down or not publish it.  (As an extra bonus, he’s also a pretty good editor, and I’m terrible.)  So… last Wednesday, I had him read a post, and he wasn’t thrilled with it.  I toned it down a bit, but he still wasn’t one hundred percent onboard.  He ended up agreeing thanks to my infamous last words.

“Oh, don’t worry, Honey.  No one actually reads my blog.”

Ahem.  Oops…  3,000 views later.

Luckily, WordPress realized their dastardly mistake within fairly short order, and it was gone by noon the next day.  They had meant to Fresh Press some other blog with a picture of a cute smiling kid.  (Some editor was probably fired for not listening as that wailing baby was definitely not part of their plan.)

Anyway, despite my brief brush with fame and fortune and all of that, I’m told I’m still going to have to do menial tasks like laundry and cooking.  *Sighs*  WordPress, I’m okay with the non-existent splitting of profits, but sheesh!  You said you were going to send a maid, remember?

Okay, all kidding aside, if you came here via the Freshly Pressed Post, welcome!  If I was being honest, I would say I’m completely humbled, and now I have no idea what to say!  However, my friend has been kind enough to lend me her computer, so I might as well say something.  I think she gets it that blogging is rather addictive…  Plus, she was actually happy for me when I showed her the front page (unlike many friends who scrunch up their faces the minute they hear the word “blog”).  That is probably because she is all sorts of awesome!

However, that’s another post for another day.  I’m technically still on vacation in California, and mostly just wanted to say hi to my new readers.  For those who already came here, thank you.  (El Guapo, Madame WeeblesAmb, Heath, you’re all still my favorites.)  And for those who know me in real life…  Hmmm….  I’m sorry?

And if you came here via the search term, “Ingrid Bergman naked pictures”, I already told you there are no nude pictures of Ingrid Bergman on this blog!  Sheesh!

Ingrid Bergman

I’m pretty sure that in her day, post-pregnancy nudie pictures weren’t the norm… (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Blogging can be fun, but it can also be a bit complicated, especially if you don’t write anonymously.  Ever publish something, and then kick yourself afterwards?  Please share.

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30 Responses to Gratuitous Bragging Is the New Pink…

  1. yes – I don’t want to go into it (lol)
    enjoyed the piece that got you FP

  2. Peaches says:

    Um..yeah…that blog has been deleted and this one is anonymous…for that reason. It sucks.

    • Yeah, I was planning on being anonymous originally, but found it hard to find pictures that were anonymous while still being interesting. That said, I still feel it’s wise to keep my name off the blog.

  3. Hi Lovely! I’m sad about no naked photos of Ingrid but I love your blog anyway. I’m pretty neurotic about what I write on my blog because even though I’m anonymous here, there are some people who read my blog who know me in real life. So I *try* to choose wisely…

    • I seriously doubt there are nude pictures of Ingrid anywhere… Yeah, it is always a tricky balance of what to blog and what not to blog. My husband is generally NOT sensitive, but every once in a while, he’ll surprise me…

  4. Hobbles says:

    I’m pleading the fifth on that one. 😉

  5. Dear Love,
    My husband isn’t in love with me blogging….for sure. I don’t think I’ve done or said anything TOO bad, although, I did kind of OUT him one time, when I posted about how he hates the Grapes of Wrath. I’m not even sure if he read that one…but NO ONE that commented agreed with his assessment of “the ending where the girl breastfed the old guy was just disgusting”. So, then I felt kind of bad.
    And, for the record, you are VERY FRESH.
    Silly WordPress.
    Love, Lis

    • Please tell your husband that I also hated “The Grapes of Wrath”. I’m probably going to a special Hell for English Majors who hated “The Grapes of Wrath”, but so it goes. At least, this way he won’t feel alone.

      And thank you!

  6. Lisa in NZ says:

    Yep. Posted what I thought was a really good post on playing favourites, had thought about it, re-written it, put it through the husband filter. Turns out it really peed my mother off, we had a huge fight and things still aren’t quite right. Sigh. But if I was anonymous, all those subscribers and viewers I’ve got who are family and friends would disappear and then my stats would look seriously ill. Congrats again on being FP!

    • Believe it or not, very few of my real-life friends and family read the blog. Probably less than ten. Most simply aren’t “blog people” if that makes any sense. I plug away regardless. And thanks! It’s good to see you here! 🙂

  7. I’m late and totally missed the Fresh-Pressing [hangs head in shame]

    Which one is the article?

  8. AJ says:

    Had to do the anon thing too…. One day I’ll make enough to not have to worry about losing my job, until then, it’s incognito all the way baby.

  9. What’s the difference, reads-wise, between a FP blog and a “normal” one, if I might ask?

    • For big blogs it probably doesn’t make quite as much difference (since some blogs regularly get thousands of views a day). I’m part of the Big Blog Collection but that’s my only self-promotion, so I was getting 20-50 clicks a day. Having a couple of days of over a thousand views was a lot for me.

      • Wow! cool! 🙂 I used to get 12-1500 hits a day on my blog on MySpace and I was always thinking “who are all these strangers and why are they reading my blog?” I like the intimacy here much better.

        • I love it when people comment, but I get plenty of mystery views as well. I think in part because of the crazy search terms that gets people to my blog… They’re hoping for pictures of Ingrid Bergman, and instead they’re stuck reading about seahorses, baby names, and skydiving. So, they leave, quietly and dejectedly…

  10. Darn it! No nude pictures of Ingrid? Okay, fine. I decided to stick around anyway, but still. I feel kinda let down. 😉

    I used to write anonymously, then started actually meeting people, which wasn’t so bad. Now that I’m flying solo, I can’t say I’m anonymous, but I’ve been careful to never write anything that would make my boss or kid upset. Boyfriends, now that’s a whole other issue.

    • The anonymous thing isn’t a bad idea, except that it’s impossible for pictures. In some ways, being anonymous can open up a blog, but in other areas it closes it up. Either way, there’s more than one variable to consider.

      My hubby is normally the opposite of sensitive, but that blog mentioned his grandmother…

  11. I have 160 posts on my site and only once did I post something, then go back and delete it. It was very early on so I figured only a small number of people read it. It wasn’t anything bad, I just didn’t think it was up to par, as in the beginning I figured every post had to be PERFECT! I’ve of course since retracted that policy! 🙂 That doesn’t mean I don’t occasionally cringe before hitting the publish button and while waiting for those first few positive feedback comments to come in.

  12. Ingrid Bergman was too classy and sexy to ever be simply “naked.” If she took off her clothes there’d just be warm, blinding light.

  13. El Guapo says:

    I’m just surprised you aren’t FP’d more often.
    And surprisingly, I have yet to post something I’ve regretted.
    (We’re talking about content, not grammar, right?)

    • Ha! Thanks! Although they fresh-pressed me with a typo, as much as they harp on not having any… Oops… but I really need to get to work on that skydiving post! And I need to ask my friend if I can use her picture. The expression on her face when we were in the airplane… priceless. And her watching me step off the airplane… also priceless.

  14. sophypoo77 says:

    I really enjoy your blog, and as a token of my appreciation for what you do I have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award

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