Double Plus Not Good

Okay, in the spirit of the Hobbler’s pity party, I present the following story:

On Wednesday, instead of getting up at 4 a.m. to go and work with my three kids in the factory (where everyone inhales noxious chemicals all day), I had to go to school.  That’s right, the summer is over, and the dreaded school year has begun.  Since there was no parking anywhere near the bookstore, I had to walk all the way across campus to buy my ridiculously overpriced awesome and highly informative textbooks.  Then I had to lug my books from one side of campus back to the other side since I was parked in the boon-docks.  By the end of my long arduous journey back to my car, I had a backache that felt worse than an awful lot like being nine months pregnant…

Then, solely out of curiosity, I decided to buy a scale on the way home, and actually weighed my textbooks.  Any guesses on how much this giant stack of books weighs?  (Feel free to leave your answer in either metrics or pounds.  I need to practice my conversions anyway.)

P.S. I’m kinda hoping the Zombie Apocalypse comes soon, so that I can avoid all of this school nonsense…

P.P.S. Oh yeah, and now I own a scale!  Why the hell would anyone ever want to own a scale?

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47 Responses to Double Plus Not Good

  1. El Guapo says:

    18 pounds. Like a really big baby.
    Only inkier.

    Hopefully you won’t need to lug all of them to classes at the same time!

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  3. The Hobbler says:

    Wow, that is a lot of books. I don’t know how you carried that. You should start pushing a shopping cart to class.

  4. I ermember those days – my guess 15 pounds or 8 kg

  5. A Dog With Fleas says:

    Can’t believe you had to lug all of those book!! Ugh….can just imagine how your back feels. And I guess they weighed 22.5 pounds!!

  6. My brother weighed his books of two years of university: 45 kg. I’m too bad at guessing, but let’s say yours weigh… 21 kg. 42 pounds. Something like that.

  7. Mooselicker says:

    I’m going to go with a solid 22 pounds. Do you know what the best part about school books is? A new edition comes out every year and they’re practically unsellable. I hate you school.

  8. haphillips says:

    I am doing the same thing at my work! I have an iPad with kindle and purchased books that way as well. I love your new college lifestyle; it’s just a matter of time until you’re a communist like all your classmates.

  9. speaker7 says:

    I first read zombie apocalypse as zumba apocalypse, which is almost as good. I guestimate those books weigh as much as Newt Gingrich’s fathead so 121 pounds?

  10. Ah, sister, I’m pleased to see you’re finally using that Newspeak Dictionary. You know it’s illegal not to, right? I’d hate for you to become a Nonperson… 😛

  11. southernbarbie says:

    Oh goodness I remember how I would carry that many books up the stairs to my classes. I learned to leave my afternoon classes books in the car and switch out when I am on a break. I dislike parking real far and it starts to rain. Well when I was pregnant and carried those books I was not happy thank goodness I had friends who did help me when I walked up the stairs in the science building. But after a while those books will be light weight to you lol.

    • You know… I was planning on leaving them home as much as possible, but you’re right. I should probably take them out as much as possible in order to develop big muscles!

      • southernbarbie says:

        Well becareful it does not hurt your lower back or shoulders. Dont want to put much strain. But then its a reason to receive a massage lol.

  12. I remember having a huge stack of nursing books. Thank goodness once they got home I never had to carry them anywhere else. In fact, the bigger the text book the fewer times I used it. I think some of them only got opened to find an extra referrence for papers!

    My guess in kilos…27 kgs.


  13. A good 50 pounds for sure. I’m sure you’ll have a great time reading them.

  14. andrewelizabeth says:

    I’m going to go with 25 pounds. And I think scales are only good for a) weighing your nursing books and blogging about it; b) weighing your luggage before heading to the airport; and c) weighing the zombie brains you collect during the apocalypse (for purposes of bragging rights)

  15. Roly says:

    You need one of those Granny trollies 🙂

  16. HAHAHA! This one I can TOTALLY relate. Why, I have the exact same 6 of them books there! I, err, well I can’t really say I love them all. But they’re not completely useless either. I still find them to be the best-est remedy during one of those sleepless nights. But wow, reading those with 3 kids? You are so not human!

  17. My guess: 25 pounds. And I thought my A/P book was heavy! I am really not looking forward to that pharmacology one. Good lord!
    So how is your studying going? I study about five hours a day. Let’s see if I can sustain that all semester. My first big lab exam is next week on my bday. yippee.

    • I just started school on Wednesday. So I have not done too much… Yet.

      I loved Anatomy. The key is to copy all of your workbook diagrams BEFORE you fill them in, so you can use them to quiz yourself over and over again. A lot of it is just plain repetition.

  18. Liverwurst says:

    Oh, please. Suck it up, Alice.

  19. Kim says:

    I own a scale too.. I’ve played with the thought of throwing away but I’m scared.

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  22. Carrie Rubin says:

    I finished a Master’s program not too long ago, and I remember those looonnnggg walks to my car carrying heavy, overpriced books, so I feel your pain. 🙂 Good luck with your studies and thanks for stopping by my blog!

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