Payphones and Dinosaurs

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*I wrote this several months ago… only to have the exact same experience yesterday in New Jersey.  Oops.

I went into Manhattan on Friday, and my “smart” phone died.  I wasn’t even running anything; it just doesn’t hold a charge for very long anymore.  Since I try to stay in touch with my husband whenever I go out, this is not great.   I don’t want him to be worried, and my friend’s phone isn’t working either.  We keep an eye out for a payphone…

When did all the payphones disappear?

We walked about ten blocks before we saw a payphone.  And it wasn’t even working!  My husband got dead air, which freaked him out even more…  Luckily the phone was just outside the train station.  I was home in a little over an hour, but he was still worried.

To be honest, it made me feel old.  I used to use payphones all the time, especially when I was in high school.  And they used to be everywhere!

However, so many of the things I remember using are obsolete now.  Records, tape cassettes, video cassettes, cds…  Even books and cameras are slowly becoming obsolete.  Everything has gone digital now; small, compact, easily deleted, and easily forgotten.  There’s barely anything left to casually disregard.  

When did I get so damn old?  Soon I will be reminiscing about the dinosaurs…  

How about you?  What are some of your “When did I get so old?” moments?  If you ever need someone to reminisce with about prehistoric life, let me know…

Note to self: Find spare battery or buy another.  (I swear there is a black hole in my house where small electronic parts and socks go to die.)

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19 Responses to Payphones and Dinosaurs

  1. Driving home in the car one day, my then 8-year old son announced that I could be his teacher’s mum. I was frankly horrified, but he pointed out that she was 22 and at the time I was 41, so it was completely possible.

    Also, we used to buy milk in glass bottles for 15c for a pint. Now it’s all in plastic bottles and $5.65 for 3 litres!

    And I remember when mobile phones were the size and weight of a small brick, videos and tapes were the latest thing. I also remember when CDs and DVDs came in. I actually AM a dinosaur!!

  2. unfetteredbs says:

    payphone hits me hard sometimes too. or how about minimum wage– 2.35??? ugh..

  3. When I heard about the last milk delivery person here retiring. We always used to get our milk delivered! Mmmm.. ice crystals in the winter.

  4. El Guapo says:

    I feel old talking about music venues that no longer exist.
    And listening to my knees creak, but I guess that’s a different story…

    • Music and pop culture change more quickly than anything on earth. Remember when MTV actually played videos?

      I used to have that too, but once they scoped out all the floating bits, my knee got a lot quieter. I guess that’s where technology turns out to be a good thing!

  5. It’s slightly different, but when I heard someone saying ‘I was born in 2004’, I was like ‘Wtf? Were there still people born after 2000?’ That’s so weird!

  6. speaker7 says:

    I felt old when another blogger told me that the kids who graduated from high school this year were born the year Kurt Cobain killed himself. I always think the 1990 was the last decade, but that was 20 years ago. And then I weep.

  7. They say there are no pay phones because everyone has cell phones. Apparently even small children. My 8-year-old has a pal that calls her all the time on her cell phone. Just – why? What groundbreaking info does a child have to impart that he needs a phone 24/7? ” Hey, guess what, Madysin is a poophead. No not that Madisan, Madysin. Jeez.”

    • Did you just spell Madison several different ways? I think I love you!

      Sadly, we are terrible parents, and we have yet to give our 8-year-old a cell phone. I’m sure he needs one though. He doesn’t get nearly enough radiation from his portable Nintendo alone.

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