Tequila and Fairytales

My husband is probably due one nice post, especially after this.  A quick glance at my site stats confirm that Google also thinks I’m mean to my husband.

Some of you probably already guessed this, but I’m not exactly a born romantic.  After I finished reading Wuthering Heights I was genuinely confused and a little angry.  Why do so many people love this stupid book with no discernible plot and characters who are awful?  I can understand liking the movie, but only because Laurence Olivier is really hot.  I can also understand if you liked the movie far better on mute.  That makes perfect sense.

Photo Credit: Doctormacro.com

I’ve never believed in soul mates, NOTHING irks me more than love triangles, and I’m not a huge fan of fairytales.  (I am human, however, and will make exceptions for “The Princess Bride”.)  I tend to be a little distrustful of romantic stories, seahorses, and anything else that seems too good to be true.

Instead I’m one of those annoying folks who believes relationships require effort, time to grow, high baseline compatibility, loyalty, common ground, and really good communication.  I think romance dies quickly without substance.  If you ask, I’m also one of the few people who will argue that arranged marriages have many benefits.  (For the purpose of brevity, we can save that discussion for another day.)

Based on all of the above, plus my older sister claiming that I scared most of her boyfriends, I assumed I would be single for a long time.  My sister was fond of telling me that my sense of humor was “confusing” and “not for everyone”.  And since I’m a bit introverted, I was actually looking forward to prolonged spinsterhood.  I planned on reading lots of books, listening to music at all hours, and being the sole owner and proprietor of the remote control.  Lest you think I didn’t like men, not true, but I also genuinely liked being alone.

Then I met my husband at the ripe old age of twenty.  He laughed at my jokes, made me laugh constantly, allowed me to steal his music cds (which I listened to at all hours), and somehow just understood me.  We went on our first date on my 21st birthday.  My husband likes to tell people that he fell in love with me that night… due to my ability to drink tequila.  It’s a tribute to my husband’s storytelling that whenever he says this, men laugh, and women swoon.  I actually do a little bit of both.  I find it every bit as sweet as it is silly.

You see, I’m always joking about my husband, but the truth is I joke about him because he’s wonderful and doesn’t mind.  He’s smarter than me.  He’s funnier than me, he’s a great dad, a great husband, and he also happens to be really really cool.  I was never someone who yearned to have children.  I was always someone who could go either way, but after I met my husband, I knew I wanted to have a family with him.  As much as we tease each other about ridiculous things, I can’t imagine my life without him.  Because that’s what love is.  It’s friendship, laughter, growing together, compromise, and sometimes even suffering, but doing it together.

I love you honey.  Happy ten years.

And Happy (belated) Romantic Monday.

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59 Responses to Tequila and Fairytales

  1. Julie DeNeen says:

    Wow…so now I know you a little better…and I would agree that arranged marriages can be quite beneficial. My tagline is…”Don’t marry the person you fall in love with..” Marry a person you’d be willing to be business partners with! LOL..I shouldn’t admit that too much huh?

  2. La La says:

    This made my day, so sweet. 🙂

  3. Happy ten years from me too!
    Sweet story, L&L :). At some point I could relate to you. Like, children? Why would anyone want those? But I guess it’ll change as soon as I find a good man to make kids with…

  4. El Guapo says:

    Great story, and a happy anniversary, with many more to follow!

  5. mikeakin1 says:

    Very good. You hit relationships spot on!

  6. Carrie Rubin says:

    What a great post! And you sound just like me–I’m not a fan of romance, and the term ‘soul mate’ makes me cringe. I believe the things that make a marriage work are what you’ve pointed out, and so far, it’s worked great for my hubby and me. I always tell him he should consider himself lucky–he doesn’t need to make romantic gestures. Cleaning up after supper and doing the laundry is romance enough for me. 🙂

  7. Katie says:

    Totally agree with your outlook on relationships, and what a cute story!

  8. Happy anniversary, Mr. and Mrs. Lovely!!! But man, Laurence Olivier. Yeah.

  9. goldfish says:

    I agree on Wuthering Heights. There is one great line in the book though: “I prithee, sir, frame off!”

    Congrats on finding someone to spend 10 years with without attempted murder!

  10. 13 years for me, and I agree – if you can’t freaking be friends with him, you’re in trouble because the romance is gonna fade a bit. But I was always crazy about babies – now I look back and say WTF. Have a post tomorrow that explains it a bit. Love your post. Very sweet.

  11. Has your hubby done a guest post that I missed? Maybe you can get him to do one so I can hear his side of your marriage, especially if he’s as funny as you. Fun!

  12. speaker7 says:

    Now this is an anniversary story. Perfection. Congrats!

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  14. What a beautiful post and great pic. You’re a keeper.

  15. Your reality is better than The Ptincess Bride, and that’s a crazy good movie.

  16. Hey, I think you’re still a romantic in a different, non-traditional sense! Happy anniversary! Such a sweet post.

  17. A Dog With Fleas says:

    Love this post….So sweet and brings out the true meaning of Love and Marriage…(Damn, now that song from Married With Children will be in my head all day) Congrats and Happy Anniversary.

  18. Le Clown says:

    Happy anniversary! I like to see it this way, as I myself did not believe in soulmate before I met The Ringmistress: you believe in one when you meet the one. There. Le Clown is one sentimental fool.
    Le Clown

  19. Lily says:

    Aw this is presh! I, too knew that I wanted to marry my husband on my 21st birthday. Weird! So glad you are happy with your life partner. That’s one of the best gifts ever. Congrats to you both!

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  21. Nice post! It’s so great to have a man who makes you laugh and swoon, isn’t it? Mine’s the same way. We are very lucky. A job well done from a fellow Romantic Monday writer and Hotspur lemming.


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  25. Hmm, I’m probably the type of person who you would look at and sigh, if you saw me in cinema at least. I love the soppy romcoms, and Titanic has be swooing all over. I’m a hopeless romantic. But seriously speaking, I think you’re right. I don’t expect hear dramatic violins playing in the back ground when I meet my ‘soul mate’. I leave drama to the telly. Love is real when it’s everyday-proof, and I agree totally with the points you make about laugher, loyalty and friendship. But I will still have my little swooning moments too. 😉 Lovely post!

    • Oh, Titanic… I did like that movie, but it wasn’t so much for the (doomed) romance as it was for the epic-ness of it. The big boat, the big necklace, the big iceberg… Everything about that movie was just kind of huge.

      I’ll spare you my commentary about the Celine Dion song, except to say I couldn’t listen to her after that.

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