Storm Pillage

Woo hoo!  After five days of waiting patiently and two days of waiting impatiently, we now have regular internet again!  We personally were very lucky.  Our house had only minor damages, but our area continues to have a LOT of down wires, down trees, power outages, and folks who are cold and frustrated.

Although we like to be prepared for the apocalypse, our section of the grid is so small, we rarely experience power outages, including the last two hurricanes.  We also lucked out that the town removed a very wobbly tree about a month ago, which previously stood right next to our power lines…

This was one of our neighbor’s houses last Tuesday.  They had just renovated the whole house a year ago…

Unfortunately, other people were not so lucky, and many are still without power and/or dealing with flooding and damages.  Some schools resumed today, but not everywhere, and Halloween was not super festive.  Our kids only went to about ten houses, and it seems like most people did the same.  (We would have had TONS of leftover candy, except that someone came along and basically stole the whole box.)

However, every time you pass a working gas station you realize you’re living in some sort of weird alternate reality.

Almost everyone we know commutes, and gas is in very short supply.  So, when people find a working gas station, the lines get very long very quickly, and at the back of the line people wait for hours, many without ever getting gas.  Meanwhile people are cutting each other off, cursing each other out, and cops and/or army are supervising the whole process.  (Since many are without power and have limited access to TV and internet, rumors have circulated that are worse than the reality.)  It’s an odd thing, especially when you go on the internet, because you realize that life is basically normal everywhere else, and here things are still very off.  And it seems to be situations like gas shortages that bring out both the very best in some people… and the very worst in others.

A gas station near my husband’s office, a few hours after they ran out of gas.

Meanwhile, union some members are screaming about “scabs” coming up from Florida to help restore power.  Seriously.  Because that’s what’s most important, and not the fact that people are cold, hungry, and can really use the help.  Here the biggest problem is definitely the cold, but we are mid-island where the flooding is least severe.

Oh, and one other thing… NaNoWriMo.  I’m doing it, and I suspect blogs will be sporadic this month.  (In truth, my blogging is usually pretty sporadic.)  I decided to put the word Bad in front of the word Novel to make it seem more attainable.  If you’re doing it too, please say so in the comments.  And although I’ve clicked on the writing friends link, I can’t seem to figure out how it actually works, or how you find people…

Also, when you write, do you do everything in order?  Normally, I write only when I’m dying to write.  Mandated writing is not my usual, but if I’m dying to write a scene, I do write it out of order.  I wonder if I’ll be kicking myself for this later.

I’m going to end this on a happy note.  As you can see, the munchkins didn’t even notice that their trick-or-treating was abbreviated.

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27 Responses to Storm Pillage

  1. I am so glad you weren’t affected too badly by the storm and I hope everything returns to normal normal soon, although that seems a bit optimistic considering how much damage there was. But really glad you’re safe and sound. The kids are pretty adorbs in their costumes.

  2. glad things are starting to get back to normal–we were only hit by the winds and rain–so I really feel for you

    • Thanks. This area of the island while hit by the storm (and the occupational hazards of being an island) actually looks so much better than the pics I’ve seen of Jersey and the Far Rockaways. Now, if only people could get their power back. LIPA is a monopoly… and not a great one at that.

  3. I’m really happy you’re mostly okay, and that the storm didn’t cause too much damage. That picture of your neighbor’s house breaks my heart, especially since I know some people got hit even harder than that.

    Your kids are all smiles! Gotta love the innocence and resilience of them in times like this.

  4. Here, we know there’s something like a Sandy, but I don’t think we are able to understand what impact such a thing has, and I feel sorry for everyone with damage or loss because of it… 😦
    But I’m glad you are okay :).

    • Thanks NBI. We were incredibly lucky. Hopefully, people who’ve lost their houses will be able to regroup and rebuild. The worst is that people lost loved ones, and that some hospital generators failed (a huge problem for babies in the NICU and anyone on life support). Really terrible. It seems like with every big storm, this happens in at least 1 or 2 hospitals. Sometimes, they’ll even have a back-up generator, and the back-up generator will fail too.

  5. I can’t imagine how frustrating and intense the situation is getting down there. You guys could really use some warmer weather at this point. I’m glad to read you’re family is doing well, all things considered. I bet it was a nice break for you to see your kids trick or treating. Getting things a bit back to normal.

  6. Beautiful gorgeous munchkins! So glad your household is back online. I didn’t undertake the writing challenge but in answer to your question, I seldom write in order of sequence. When it comes to words I’m an instant gratification kind of girl.

  7. Katie says:

    Glad you were able to stay safe!

  8. El Guapo says:

    Glad you’ve got your services back, and hope the rest of your area follows soon.
    I hadn’t heard that about the scabs. Whoever was smirking should be smacked upside the head with a spanner.
    Good luck with NaNo! Hope you post what you write…

    • Oh, my thousands of words… Trust me, you don’t want to have to read a fifty thousand word opus on my blog. Maybe an excerpt here or there.

      People get silly sometimes. Seriously, who cares at the point? The greater issue is that people are cold and tired of living off of raisins and bread!

  9. OMG, your kids are so CUTE! The classic Cop, his prisoner, and his prisoner’s stolen giraffe. I had a mini Princess Leia and a “modern” vampire (that way she could wear regular clothes and put on a bit of makeup – always the practical one).

    So glad you’re okay up there. I’ve seen the pictures (and wrote a truly pointless post) of the hurricane damage and it’s unreal. But I hadn’t seen the TANK! Good grief, people! I could only imagine if this was in Texas. Everyone and their dog has a vehicle, often those massive SUV things. AND many carry guns. Talk about showndown at the OK corrall there. Stay safe. And more pics if you can – that is just far out.

    And good for you for still trying to do Nano – I’d have quit for much less. Just post-a-day is enough. 😀

    • Yeah, there have been some weapons at the pumps, but no deaths. The cops seem to be VERY on top of things. Hopefully, things will go back to normal soon.

      Thanks! I think they’re pretty cute, but I’m also pretty biased. Jailbird is really the role John has been practicing his whole life for… (He’s actually a great kid, as long as you find general sassiness funny.) I’m such a Star Wars geek, I’d love to see the Princess Leia and the modern vampire costumes!

  10. Carrie Rubin says:

    I’m glad you’re safe but sorry you’re experiencing some frustrating aftermath. It must be odd for you to see life carrying on as normal in other parts of the country. I empathize with you and hope normalcy, or at least something close to normalcy, is established for you soon.

    • It is weird. I went to the grocery store, and was like, this feels like something out of an apocalyptic novel. (Too bad it’s actually real.)

      And thanks. I’m guessing more and more people will be back on the grid soon. LIPA keeps saying everyone should have power by the 10th. If that happens, things will get back to normal soon.

  11. A crisis like this practices human resilience. Glad all is well. And how cute the kids are!

  12. Lily says:

    Ooomygoodness your kids are so adorbs. I think I’ve said this before, but they really are. As if you didn’t know. It’s crazy–all the damage that Sandy did. People on twitter joke about it, but I honestly couldn’t imagine if all my stuff got washed away and I had nowhere to live. So sad. Glad you and your family were spared!

    • Thanks, they pretty much have us in the palm of their hands, but especially Rose with her Daddy… Yeah, I think at first people thought it was overblown. However, after 12 days without power or heat, no one’s laughing anymore. We know a lot of people who still haven’t gotten back power…

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