Foolishness, Naked Baby Style!

Birthday Collage

Last June, I was sitting at my in-laws house mindlessly browsing on my phone to find a notification from WordPress.  What!!??  Back then I would usually only get one notification per week.  Naturally, I needed to check out this comment from an actual person who wasn’t even married to me.  Who could this new person be?

Enter the man, the myth, the legend…

El GuapoEl Guapo!

I’m one of many bloggers that El Guapo has befriended.  El Guapo really goes out of his way to not only write a great blog, but to make everyone feel welcome, and to encourage comments, interactions, and friendship.  It’s generous bloggers like El Guapo who really make blogging both fun AND meaningful.  I’ve also met him (and a few other blogger friends) in person, but I’m afraid of saying too much and making Ginger super jealous…

Anyway because today is his birthday, I wanted to wish him a Happy Birthday, Foolishness Style!

Today’s music….

Birthdays… Who doesn’t like celebrating the day they came into the world, naked and screaming?  So, for today’s quiz, what’s the best way to celebrate a birthday?

Alright, thanks to Gingersnaap, there are a lot of other posts out there dedicated to El Guapo today.  Here are a few of them.  Happy Birthday El Guapo!!!  Hope you have a good one!  No one deserves it more than you.


Joe Hoover

Le Clown

HR Nightmare 

HE Ellis

The Cheeky Diva 

Edward Hotspur


A Frank Angle

Madame Weebles

Lizzie Cracked

Linda Vernon

According To Mags

Brain Tomahawk


Betty Rants

Okay, there are SO many, I give up…  If you click on Red’s link, you will find even more…

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51 Responses to Foolishness, Naked Baby Style!

  1. Restaurant hop all day long, going from free birthday goodies to free birthday goodies. My birthday is next week. I’ve already got the free ice cream coupon ready to go. Freakishly exciting birthdays don’t just happen, you know. Lots of planning is involved. And maybe a groupon or two.

  2. kayjai says:

    Awesome…forget Ginger, I’m jealous. Beautiful pic!!

  3. La La says:


  4. aFrankAngle says:

    Drink and eat cake while naked … Just visiting his huge family … Happy Birthday Guapo!

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  7. I think it’s tricky to find the delicate balance between ‘eh, another birthday. No big.’ and ‘it’s my birthday everybody! Look at me! Look at me!’

  8. Bloggers like this make what we do so much more fun and amazing. And I am just loving your poll.

  9. Le Clown says:

    Great post, and can’t believe I recognize the three faces on your picture…
    BTW, my post will only be live tomorrow… I know. I’m a pain.
    Le Clown

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  11. I love me some El Guapo. He was one of the first people I found here on WordPress, and you’re right, he’s a standup guy.

  12. Red says:

    LOVE THE POLL! And I must say, you picked great music. 😉 Awesome to see the smiling face, too.

    Happy birthday, El Guapo!

  13. Mel says:

    I am super duper jealous!!

  14. Carrie Rubin says:

    He is a great blogging buddy, that’s for sure. And I like your idea of eating cake until comatose!

  15. El Guapo says:

    HA! Loved the tune!
    I picked “other”, because I am running around screaming while naked right at this moment!
    Later, I hope to pass out in a booze filled cake.

    Thanks so much, L&L!!!

  16. rebecca2000 says:

    I adore him. I love that so many people did this.

  17. GingerSnaap says:

    HELL YES I’M JEALOUS!!! But i will get over it, I guess! Thanks L&L!

  18. I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting The Guap in person but I hope to soon. Yay Guapo!

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  21. Linda Vernon says:

    I heartily concur with everything you said! El Guapo is the best!! 😀

  22. All the options are so tempting! Oh wow. Anyne who’s guapo, good in my book. lol! Happy birthday to him. I enjoyed this post.

  23. jimmydevious says:

    Why not do all the first four choices on yon quiz, one after the other?

    Then once completed, rinse and REPEAT! 😉

    Birthday: American style! 🙂

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  26. Holy COW, that’s a lot of birthday wishes. Very cool. By the way, my Unbirthday is today. And tomorrow. And everyday except June 29th.

  27. I am not big into birthdays in that I don’t need presents or flowers.


    I do like a little homemade card from the Hubby and the boy. I get mean if I don’t get my homemade card. Their words are precious to me, and so few people actually write letters anymore. 🙂

    • That’s so true. We sometimes have the kids make cards, but even my husband and I don’t do that anymore. And we really should, especially considering how much nicer it is to wish someone Happy Birthday from the heart, and NOT with a schmaltzy greeting card… Of course, I might want to make something better for my husband than a zombie, Marilyn, Star Wars card, but is seemed appropriate for El Guapo.

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