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Just Like Christmas, Only Better!

It’s always a little nostalgic when you sell your house.  It’s time for us to move on, but I’m dreading it.  I will miss this house.  When we bought it seven years ago, we claimed we were never leaving.  Now … Continue reading

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The Tale of the Christmas Sausage

The holidays really are magical.  There’s the beautiful sparkling tree, the animals dressed as Santa, the boxes of Raisin Bran under the tree…  It’s particularly tough to top the gift of fiber. My paternal grandmother was a legend.  She was… … Continue reading

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How to Build a Kingdom Using Nothing but Imagination and Bacon

I should preface this with a brief explanation.  I love America, and have no desire to live elsewhere… unless I’m offered a really good tiara.  As it turns out, when offered cushy chairs and jewel encrusted capes, I can be … Continue reading

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Dr Seuss is My Homeboy

According to Google, my real expertise is spouse torture.  I find this rather ridiculous since my husband is thrilled to be married to me.  Obviously.  It’s so much sarcasm all the time.  Plus, I cook a mean dish of macaroni … Continue reading

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Please Tell Me the Money from this Photo Went to Charity

This shall be brief.  Hopefully. I am disgusted, as much with myself as anyone.  Like a sheep, I clicked on a link about bridal trends which led me to an article about Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake’s marriage wedding. Per usual, … Continue reading

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