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The Things We Leave Behind

“Will she live to be 100? When’s Greatma going to get out of the hospital?” Clearly, my six-year-old didn’t understand what I was trying to tell him. My own voice was soft but firm. I didn’t mince my words. “No, … Continue reading

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And Sometimes I’m Naughty…

When my middle child was two, we traveled out of state to visit a friend. She had only met John once before, and this time she was really struck by him. “He’s so cute!” she gushed, “And it’s a good … Continue reading

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Migraines and Ballerina Princess Monsters

I keep telling myself everything is going to work out, but I can’t seem to get my mind to agree.  Instead the pun “homeless for the holidays” keeps reverberating through my brain. We’re not actually homeless, mind you, but we … Continue reading

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The Bipartisan Appeal of Cupcakes

“Mommy, in the morning when I wake up, what will be different?” It’s tempting to make up some wild story, that if you choose the winning candidate, you wake up and find a vintage Bentley, a real-life dinosaur, and a … Continue reading

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Storm Pillage

Woo hoo!  After five days of waiting patiently and two days of waiting impatiently, we now have regular internet again!  We personally were very lucky.  Our house had only minor damages, but our area continues to have a LOT of … Continue reading

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