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The Things We Leave Behind

“Will she live to be 100? When’s Greatma going to get out of the hospital?” Clearly, my six-year-old didn’t understand what I was trying to tell him. My own voice was soft but firm. I didn’t mince my words. “No, … Continue reading

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How to Say I Love You Without Saying a Word

I think over time, many of us stop seeing what is extraordinary about the people we love.  We become hardened and a little bit immune, we change, or we simply forget to be grateful. Thanksgiving Day 2001 I decided to … Continue reading

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Some Heroes Don’t Like to Talk About It

As little kids my sister and I enjoyed endlessly harassing my grandfather.  We’d hide his car keys, pickpocket his wallet, and steal his chocolate chip cookies whenever he wasn’t looking.  Our favorite activity was marching around his pink and green … Continue reading

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Love is Watching Someone Die

It was a Thursday. I woke up that morning, realized I was a week early yet again, and headed to the bathroom.  I had never had blood clots before, so I didn’t have any idea how much blood there would … Continue reading

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Utopia Parkway

I’m bitter that Mother gave away the last of our batteries.  Reading by candlelight isn’t romantic; it’s tedious. The drenching heat leaves us slimy and exhausted.  It’s horrible weather for wearing her wig, but mother holds on tightly to relics.  … Continue reading

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