You’ll find a little bit of everything on this blog, whether it’s poetry, humor, or stories.  Most of what I write is true, and some of what I write is fiction.  (You will probably be able to tell which is which without me telling you.)  Some of what I write is terrible, ridiculous, or simply meant to help me blow off steam.  I apologize for that in advance.

If you read this blog, you’re going to have to be somewhat lax with me.  I find editing incredibly tedious.  I can be a touch sarcastic.  And I insist on starting sentences with conjunctions.  Mainly, I write to clear my head.  If it resonates with you, that’s awesome.  And please say so, because your comments validate me as a human being…  Oops.  I took that one step too far, didn’t I?  I love comments, and it’s always nice to feel appreciated.

If you’re interested, these are my personal favorites:

When I Write I Am a Lion (why I write)

Instead of Talking About Forever We Shall Talk About the Birds (short story)

Requiem For a Squirrel (short story)

Once Upon a Time We Called It Arugula (short story)

The Most Magnificent Story You’ll Ever Read About Santa Claus and Seahorses (funny story)

Why I Steal My Son’s Candy (another fun one)

I Wanna Be a Cavewoman.  And I Wanna Be Legally Permitted to Club My Husband Whenever We Don’t Agree.  (This post was freshly pressed.)

Minivans Weren’t Built for that Kind of Speed (the story of my daughter’s birth)

Broken Toys (This is not a favorite per se, but it does give background on our life with a special needs child.)

Elva Without Her Stars (poetry)

9 Responses to Favorites

  1. Andrew says:

    Can I have an “And” t-shirt? When my band has a show, I think it’ll set a good message.

    • Are you sure that “And” will really get the message across? Perhaps you would be better suited to the less subtle “Encore, encore”? Thankfully concertgoers tend to drink, and drinkers are usually not strict grammarians anyway…

  2. El Guapo says:

    You should submit. I keep a stack of rejection letters in case anyone asks if I’m a “real’ writer.
    Then I punch them in the neck.

    • I’m not even sure where I would start, to be honest. I’d probably submit recent prose to a magazine, if I were to guess.

      However, I suspect that blogging (since it puts a lot of importance on brevity) might be ruining me for longer, more time-consuming endeavors…

      And you’re sure it’s not just an excuse to punch someone?

  3. hahahaha

    It definitely resonates with me!


  4. Haha, sarcasm is the best kind of humor! Sounds like your writing is a lot like mine!

    Courtney Hosny

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