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And Sometimes I’m Naughty…

When my middle child was two, we traveled out of state to visit a friend. She had only met John once before, and this time she was really struck by him. “He’s so cute!” she gushed, “And it’s a good … Continue reading

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Just Like Christmas, Only Better!

It’s always a little nostalgic when you sell your house.  It’s time for us to move on, but I’m dreading it.  I will miss this house.  When we bought it seven years ago, we claimed we were never leaving.  Now … Continue reading

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It’s Not the Poison. It’s the Fear.

Last Spring, we entered a different phase, and my son began with the sneaking.  At eight years old, he’s tall enough and smart enough that “child-proofing” is no longer effective. At first, it was just sweets.  He’d unlock the door … Continue reading

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Mortification Number 467

House hunting is a very strange thing.  You get to peek into the lives of strangers, and you never quite know what you’re going to find.  You’d be surprised just how often I open a closet door to find naked … Continue reading

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The Nostalgia of Birthdays

It’s interesting the things we remember and the things we forget. When I first started school two years ago, my biggest challenge was the endless volume of science terminology I needed to learn and memorize.  I quickly realized that in … Continue reading

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